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X chromosome
the sex chromosome that is present in both sexes: singly in males and doubly in females
Y chromosome
the sex chromosome that is carried by men
all chromosomes except the X and Y
the diploid cell produced by the fusion of haploid gametes
sperm sorting
a method of separation sperm that carry Y chromosomes from sperm that carry X chromosomes; separated sperm are used in fertilization to determine the sex of the offspring
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
a procedure that removes one cell from an early embryo for testing
In vitro fertilization
fertilization of an egg in a laboratory dish
Sex determining region of the Y chromosome
mullerian ducts
Earlier embryonic ducts that can develop into femal internal genitalia in the absence of testosteron.
an embryonic organ that gives rise to the testes or ovaries
a steroid hormone produced by the testes; the male sex hormone
complete androgen insensitivity
a genetic condition that causes and XY karyotype child to appear female
androgen receptor
a gene that encodes the protein that acts as a receptor for male hormones
Barr body
the inactivated X chromosome in females
X inactivation
in female mammals, the inactivation of one X chromosome in each somatic cell
wolfian ducts
develop into male internal genitalia
influence development and maintenance of male sex characteristics, for example, facial hair, deep voice
androgen receptor
regulates gene expression and male phenotype