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caloric stimulation test

test that uses different temperatures to assess the vestibular portion of the nerve


visual examination of the interior of the eye

cochlear implant

artificial device that produces hearing sensations by electrically stimulating nerves inside the inner ear

fluorescein angiography

assesses blood vessels and retinal circulation using a colored dye while photographs are taken


corrective surgery for large, small or deformed ears


agents that dilate the pupils and paralyze the eye muscles of accommodation


measurement of the intraocular pressure for detecting glaucoma

visual acuity test

determines the smallest letters that can be read on a standardized chart


removal of the contents of the eyeball, leaving the sclera and cornea


treat and prevent nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and vertigo

wax emulsifiers

loosen and help remove impacted cerumen


removal of the entire eyeball from its orbit



ophthalmic decongestants

constrict small arterioles of the eye to decrease redness and conjunctival congestion




visual examination of the angle of the anterior chamber of the eye


visual examination of the external auditory canal


measurement of hearing acuity at various frequencies

radial keratotomy

surgical treatment for nearsightedness that uses small incisions to flatten the cornea

otic analgesics

provide temporary relief from earache

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