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  1. orientation
  2. enhanced screen tips
  3. mini toolbar
  4. status bar
  5. zoom level
  1. a button located in the Alignment group on the Home tab that rotates data so it is presented diagonally or vertically in a cell
  2. b provide the name of each command, what shortcut key, if any, can be used to automatically activate the command, and a description of what that command does
  3. c is located at the very bottom of the Excel workbook, indicates what mode you are in, provides summary information about selected cells containing data, allows you to change the view of your worksheet, and provides zoom options
  4. d pops up when you right-click on a cell in an Excel worksheet and contains the command buttons for several commonly used formatting commands to reduce mouse movement
  5. e is located on the right side of the Status Bar, displays the current magnification percent, and can be clicked on to make changes to the magnification percent

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  1. an Excel file containing one or more related worksheets
  2. the area above an Excel worksheet that contains all of the Excel commands, which allow users to perform tasks as they work with data in Excel
  3. a single spreadsheet in an Excel workbook that can be used to display various types of data and/or graphics
  4. displays the data the user has entered into the active cell
  5. allow the user to activate a command using specified keys on the keyboard rather than pressing the command button on the Ribbon or a toolbar

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  1. name boxdisplays the cell address of the active cell or the name of a selected cell or range of cells that has been named


  2. cell addressan element of an Excel worksheet that is created by the intersection of a row and column


  3. accountingnumber formatting option used for monetary values to line up the currency symbols and decimal points, with the currency symbols displayed on the far left side of each cell (separate from the monetary value)


  4. quick access toolbara toolbar located in the upper-left corner of Excel that provides you with buttons for the Excel commands that are most frequently used


  5. gridlineslight blue lines on an Excel worksheet that show users the boundaries for each cell