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  1. cell
  2. quick access toolbar
  3. active cell
  4. shortcut menu
  5. excel workbook
  1. a a toolbar located in the upper-left corner of Excel that provides you with buttons for the Excel commands that are most frequently used
  2. b an element of an Excel worksheet that is created by the intersection of a row and column
  3. c pops up when you right-click on a cell in an Excel worksheet and displays a list of several other commonly used commands that aren't shown in the Mini Toolbar
  4. d the cell that is currently selected on an Excel worksheet. The active cell has a dark black border around it
  5. e an Excel file containing one or more related worksheets

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  1. self explanatory
  2. a spreadsheet software program that is widely used for personal, educational, and business purposes
  3. displays the data the user has entered into the active cell
  4. a special Excel feature that allows the user to move the mouse pointer over an option and see the effect it would have on the worksheet before selecting that option
  5. indicates where each cell is located by identifying the column and row that intersect to create the cell

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  1. numberused for some Excel commands to display small graphic visuals that show the effect each option would have on the worksheet


  2. format painterdisplays the data the user has entered into the active cell


  3. accountingused to classify similar commands that perform related tasks on each tab. The name of each group is displayed across the bottom of the group


  4. name managerdisplays the cell address of the active cell or the name of a selected cell or range of cells that has been named


  5. tabsused to organize the commands by category on the Ribbon. The default tabs displayed on the Ribbon in Excel are: File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review, and View