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Hormones produced by the pancreatic islets


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Alpha cells hormone
Alpha cells primary target
Liver, adipose tissue
Alpha cells hormonal effect
*Mobilizes lipid reserves
*Promotes glucose synthesis and glycogen breakdown in liver
*elevates blood glucose concentrations
Alpha cells regulatory control
*Stimulated by low blood glucose concentrations
* Inhibited by GH-IH from delta cells
Beta cells hormone
Beta cells Primary target
most cells
Beta cells hormonal effects
*facilitates uptake of glucose by target cells
*stimulates formation and storage of lipids and glycogen
Beta cells regulatory control
*Stimulated by high blood glucose concentrations, parasympathetic stimulation, and the
* high levels of some amino acids
* Inhibited by GH-IH from delta cells and by sympathetic activation
Delta cells hormone
Delta cells primary targets
other islet cells
digestive epithelium
Delta cells hormonal effect
Inhibits insulin and glucagon secretion; slows rates of nutrient absorption and enzyme secretion along digestive tract
Delta cells regulatory control
Stimulated by protein rich meal
F cells hormone
pancreatic poly peptide PP
F cells hormonal effect
Inhibits galbladder contraction;
*regulates production of pancreatic enzymes
*Influences rate of nutrient absorption by digestive tract
F cells Regulatory control
Stimulated by protein rich meal and by para sympathetic stimulation
F cells primary target
digestive organs