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MOD C : Dropped Ordnance


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Heavy Metal One Piece, Three Welded on Suspension Lugs, tapered nose and tail, two inch fuze wells, box fins w/ retaining ring,
100-2000lbs. WWII looking bomb
Heavy Metal One Piece, Not a US bomb
Two Screwed in suspension lugs, charging, well, three inch fuze wells. Watermelon
Heavy Metal One Piece, Two screwed in suspension lugs, charging well, three inch fuze wells, tapered nose and chopped off tail, bolted on stabilization, cigar shape, 250-2000 lbs
Two bolted on suspension lugs, lacks nose fuze well
Fire Bomb
Light Metal body (water tight), May lack stabilization, may have transverse fuzing
Dispenser Released
Light Metal Body, Stabilization, VT or MT Fuze
Dispenser Retained
Light Metal Body (non-watertight), Rivets, Seams, Opening on Tail or Bottom, No Stabilization, No Fuzing
Impact (bomb nose)
Arming Vane, Arming Delay, Lacks time scale when viewed from side
Impact Inertia (bomb tail)
Arming Vane or Arming Vane Adapter, Cylindrical body, Arming or Event Delay
MT (Bomb or Dispenser Nose)
Arming Vane, Has a Time Scale when viewed from the side
Internal, 3 inch diameter, pop up pin, arming or event delay
Plastic to Metal to Ordnance construction