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Studio Room
a room with a studio bed - a conch that can be converted into a bed. may also have an additional bed
Adjacent Room
rooms close to each other, perhaps across the hall
Junior Suite
single room with a bed and a sitting area. sometimes the sleeping area is in a bedroom separate from the parlor or living room
Adjoining Room
rooms with a common wall but no connecting door
a parlor or living room connected to one or more bedrooms
Connecting Room
rooms with individual entrance doors from the outside and a connecting door between. guests can move between rooms without going through the hallway
allows employees to vary the times they start and end work
Report to the front office manager in a large hotel property
front office agents, switchboard operators, reservations agents, and cashiers
Job specification
list of special skills required for the job
Job description
list of the tasks required of a work position
When does a guest's first impression of a hotel begin to crystallize?
during reservation inquiries, when the guest interacts with the hotel or its website. On arrival at the hotel, and encountering the staff at the entrance.
Most crucial in creating a first impression during the pre-arrival stage for a guest who's looking for a hotel
verbal recommendations, website, reservation agents
a guest's registration is considered complete at which stage?
when the method of payment and departure date are confirmed
general management
depends on other front office applications; used mostly to generate reports; reports combine room, reservations, and account info
Circular design
front desk design that can potentially create a bottleneck
cluster office
satellite office that all reservations are processed through.
Internet distribution system
allows prospective guests to use a web browser on their computers or cell phones to make reservation
reservations manager
makes the final decision to sell more rooms than have been assigned in a group allocation
Wash down
after checking a block booking request against the group's history with the hotel, the hotel may choose to reduce the block.
Regrets and denials report
type of report helps management decide on group allocations, determine additional room types needed at a property, and perform competitive rate analysis
direct billing
payment method when a hotel extends credit to guests by agreeing to bill the guest or the guest's company for charges
Which reports can help a front office manager identify room status discrepancies before walking a guest?
occupancy report, and housekeeping status report
Cash in advance
method of payment at check-in when a guest is likely to have a no-post status in the hotel's sales outlets
European plan
guests are charged separately for food & beverage
front desk agent convinces a guest to stay in a bigger room with more facilities at an additional cost.