Color of Water Vocabulary Chapters 11-18

unheeded (adj)
disregarded; ignored
salvage (v)
save from ruin, destruction, or harm
cajole (v)
to persuade through flattery or insincerity
excessive (adj)
too much, going beyond the norm
wallow (v)
roll in; indulge in; become helpless
curtly (adj)
in a rude, abrupt or brief way
concise (adj)
Expressing much in few words
macabre (adj)
suggesting horror or terror;fascinated with death or horror
candid (adj)
completely honest, straight forward
allusion (n)
hint, indirect reference
nebulous (adj)
absolved (v)
to be free from guilt of consequences
ingenuity (n)
Cleverness ; imagination
elaborate (adj)
planned or done with attention to details;to express in greater detail
insular (adj)
a narrow or isolated in outlook or experience
vehement (adj)
Intense, forceful, powerful
infallible (adj)
Not capable of being wrong or making mistakes; untouchable
trivial (adj)
not important
dilapidated (adj)
in a state of disrepair or ruin as a result of age or neglect.