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elements of literature

the things an author does to create texts, particularly stories

text structure

the way a text is put together that makes a particular type of text


people in a narrative or story


the place and time of a story


what happens in a story


the problem the character has


what the characters in a story say

point of view

the way a story is told that controls what the characters and the reader know about the plot and other characters and who tells the story


a type of literature with particular text features and particular types of characters,plots, and settings


one way an author creates a character

character's actions

one way an author creates a character

text features

parts of a text that tell you about the text type, genre

personal narrative

a text type that includes first person point of view and information about the author


a text type that includes rhyme, rhythm, stanzas, irregular punctuation and capitalization, and vivid language


a text type that is set to music that has lyrics, verses, rhyme, rhythm

reading strategies

ways to understand the text


figuring something out that is not in a text by using other things that are in the text and reasoning

cause and effect

how one action or event makes another one happen


looking at how things are the same


looking at how things are different

chronological order

time order




what is true


someone thinks or says about something


the way an author creates a character including motivation, thoughts, actions, and dialogue

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