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drugs use in nepal

brand name of drug which used in nepal
all anti histamines are H1&H2 receptor antagonist. used to treat nasal allergies,hay fever,utricaria,sneezing,insect bites etc.
2nd generation antihistamine - non-sedating
Polar, does not cross BBB as easily (CNS sedation) -> selective for peripheral H1R(astelong 10mg,60ml,stemiz 10mg)pregnant & lactating mother not used.single Dose 10 mg daily befor meal
2nd-gen Antihistamine (H1 blocker). "Zyrtec"
Uses: Allergies.
Tox: Less sedation than 1st generation due to reduced CNS entry. (alerva-10mg,cetro tab/syrup 10mg/60ml,cetH1tab/syrup,cz-3tab/syrup)pregnant & lactating mother not used. Dose 10 mg bid befor meal children 5-10mg.2.5yr 5mg
chlorpheniramine maleate
h1 receptor antagonist and known as classical antihistamine.it exerts drowness effect.(antilergin 1mg,cepiam 1mg,clorfen tab 4mg,histacin 4mg/10ml). Dose:-adult 4-12 mg daily in 3-4 divided dose.action start in 45 mint and pro long 4-6 hr pregnant & lactating mother:- be careful
second generation antihistamine with H1 receptor.(tavegyl 1mg)1 mg a day adult children 0.5-1mg day
cyproheptadine hydrochloride
cyproheptadine is the antagonist of histamine receprtor and acts as calcium channel blocker in smooth muscle there by exerts anticholinergic ans selective effects. its side effect is to weight gain and increased of appetite.( apdine syrup 110/200ml,apet 4mg,apet,100ml,ciplactin 4mg/100ml,promeal syrup) dose orla adult 4-20 mg daily children 2-6yr 2-4 mg 3 times 7-14yr 4-6 mg daily.pg and lactating be careful
h1 receptor, long acting,does not penetrate bbb.(astine10/20mg,basel10/20mg,ebast 10/20mg)dose 10-20mg daily once a day children 5-10mg per day
h1 receptor,less sedative effective .use in common cold allergic reaction from food bite(aladin 120/180mg ,fexolar 120/180 ,hist,zellar) dose 60 mg bid 120-180 mg given depeding upon condition.pg and lactating be care ful
blocks h1 receptro its more active in bronchiol smooth muscle and used in a condition of bronchial obstruction(asma 1mg,ketovent 1mg,zerosma 1mg 100ml)1.2 mg after a meal children 1 mg bid.
second generation antihistamine h1 antagonist (curin 5mg,airitis 5mg,levocet 5mg,levozin)5mg once a day at bed time 6-11yr 2.5 at bed time.pg use lactating dont use
loratad, alfast 10mg aonce a day.pg and lactating dont use
pheniramine maleate
actibin 25/50/15mg 5 ml, algic injection 2ml. avil 25/ 50 mg,histanil inj 2 /10ml)20-30 mg tid.