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T/F: A common way to share resources on a peer-to-peer network is by modifying the file-sharing controls via the computer's operating system.


T/F: Resource sharing is controlled by a central computer or authority in a peer-to-peer network.


T/F: Clients on a client/server network share their resources directly with each other.


T/F: Networks are usually only arranged in a ring, bus, or star formation and hybrid combinations of these patterns are not possible.


T/F: Protocols ensure that data are transferred whole, in sequence, and without error from one node on the network to another.


A(n) ___ is a group of computers and other devices that are connected by some type of transmission media.


In a(n) ____ network, every computer can communicate directly with every other computer.


A(n) ____ is a network of computers and other devices that is confined to a relatively small space, such as one building or even one office.


A network that is larger than a LAN and connects clients and servers from multiple buildings is known as a(n) ____.


A personal computer which may or may not be connected to a network is a(n) ____.


The device inside a computer that connects a computer to the network media and allows it to communicate with other computers is known as a(n) ____.


The ____ is the main circuit that controls the computer.


The ____ is the software that runs on a server and enables the server to manage data, users, groups, security, applications, and other networking functions.


Which of the following enables resource sharing by other computers on the same network?


A(n) ____ is a client, server, or other device that can communicate over a network and is identified by a unique number, known as its network address.


A(n) ____ is usually composed of a group of nodes that use the same communications channel for all their traffic.


The ____ of a network refers to that part of the network to which segments and shared devices connect.


The physical layout of a computer network is known as its ____.


____ are standard methods or formats for communication between networked devices.

data packets

____ are the distinct units of data that are transmitted from one node on a network to another.


The scheme used to assign a unique identifying number to every node on a network is known as ____.

transmission media

____ is the means through which data is transmitted and received.

file services

____ refer to the capability of a server to share data files, applications (such as word-processing or spreadsheet programs), and disk storage space.

mail services

____ coordinate the storage and transfer of e-mail between users on a network.

web server

A(n) ____ is a computer installed with the appropriate software to supply Web pages to many different clients upon demand.

client/server network

A network that uses a server to enable clients to share data, data storage space, and devices is known as a(n) _________________________.


A(n) ____________________ is a computer on a network that requests resources or services from another computer on the network.


A computer on a network that manages shared resources is known as a(n) ____________________.

network services

The functions provided by a network are usually referred to as ____________________.

file server

A server that provides file services is called a(n) ____________________.

mail server

Computer responsible for mail services.


Also known as a network adapter.


A network that connects two or more geographically distinct LANs or MANs.

standalone computer

Computer that is not connected to other computers and that uses software applications and data stored on its local disks.


Necessary to function as a server.


A central computer.

internet services

Include file transfer capabilities, Internet addressing schemes, security filters, and a means for directly logging on to other computers on the Internet.


Sometimes referred to as "a network of networks."


An outdated file-sharing method.

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