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Review for the Test

In the 1830s, the most technologically advanced country in the world was


Which of the following was a period of falling real wages for English Workers


The first large factories produced

cotton textiles

which of the following was most likely to characterize a cottage worker?

Worked at his or her own pace

All of the following were reasons for why britain was the first to industrialize except

britain had a domestic market with many local protective barriers

The energy crisis of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was solved by reliance on

coal and steam

according to Friedrich List, the promotion of industry

was vital for the defense of the nation

The most significant technological advance made during the industrial Revolution was the

steam engine

Which of the following was passed by the british parliament to outlaw unions and strikes

The combination acts

The industrial revolution if France

lagged behind that of Britain

The growth of the railroad caused all of the following except

an increase in the demand for cottage industry goods

The first continental country to industrialize was


The industrial development of continental Europe was delayed by

The french Revolution and Napoleonic wars

Before the 1830s, the

family continued to work as a unit in the factories

The british workers' campaign to gain the franchise between 1838 adn 1848 was called the

Chartist movement

Which of the following was not characteristic of Robert Owen

He was a scholar who wanted to implement his socialist ideas

The first factories were

textile mills

The early industrialists in Britain very often were

quakers and scots

Workers who smashed the machines that put them out of work were known as


William Cockerill's cotton-spinning plant in Belgium was controversial because

he had illegally exported technology from Britain

By the end of the nineteenth century large decreases in per capital industrial levels had occured in


For women, the industrial revolution

caused them to be confined to low-paying, dead-end jobs

It appears that during the industrial Revolution in Britain, the gross national product

rose more rapidly than the per capita consumption of goods.

Which of the following people was part of the romantic movement of the nineteenth century?

George Sand

Th british corn laws were passed to give economic advantage to the

landed aristocracy

The term dual revolution refers to

an economic and political revolution

Which of the following statements about the peace settlement worked out at the congress of vienna is true

Belgium and holland were united, and prussia received territory on France's eastern border

The problemn that almost led to war among the major powers in 1815 was

Russian and Prussian territorial demands

The demand of the English Chartists was for

universal male suffrage

The proposed Holy alliance consisted of

Austria, Russia, and Prussia

Metternich's conservative policies prevailed in

central Europe

Adam smith would have been likely to agree that

Increased competition benefits all classes of society

The vienna peace settlement was largely the product of


one of the most influential french utopian socialists was

The count de saint-simon

In 1848, great revolutions occured in all of the following countries except

great britain

After the peace settlement of Vienna there were

thirty-eight independent german states, including austria and prussia.

Those conservatives who opposed liberal thought would have supported

legally separated classes

In his writings, Karl Marx drew heavily on the ideas of

Hegel, especially the dialectic process of history.

The first great nationalist rebellion of the 1820s involved the

greeks against the turks

The english corn laws prohibited

the importing of foreign grain unless the price of british grain reached harvest disaster prices.

The english reform bill of 1832 provided for

representation in parliament for the new industrial areas

Generally, the revolution of 1848 resulted in

a consolidation of moderate nationalistic middle classes

as a result of the peace settlement of 1814-15,

France was restored to its 1792 boundaries

After 1815, poland was

annexed to Russia

Charles Fourier advocated all of the following except

marriage as a foundation of liberal society

Romaticism originated in

britain and germany

Marx believed that the key to understanding history is

class stuggle

The austrian empire and austrian society were dominated by which of the following ethnic groups?


At the congress of vienna, the victorious allies

were guided by the principle of the balance of power

The allied powers at the congress of vienna were determined to

avoid the creation of hostility and resentment in France

The holy alliance included

austria, russia, and prussia

which of the following events happened first

the holy alliance is formed

The carlsbad decrees

instituted repressive measures in the german confederation

why did Klemens von Metternich, as austrian foreign minister, have to oppose the spread of nationalism in Europe

austria was a multiethnic empire, and the spread of nationalism among its different ethnic groups threatened to dissolve the empire

The demands of liberalism included all of the following except

social welfare reform

Metternich believed that _________ was responsible for the warfare and bloodshed of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centures


Which of the following was not part of the austrian empire in 1815?


In their war of independence against the ottoman empire, the Greeks ultimately won the support of

Great Britain, France, and Russia

Early french socialists believed in all of the following except

violent class warfare

which french socialist participated in the provisional government formed in paris after the february 1848 abdication of King Louis Philippe?

Louis Blanc

According to the text, one of Karl Marx's most important criticism of the French utopian socialists was that

their appeals to the wealthy to help the poor were naive

Karl Marx argued that socialism would be established

by violent revolution

The doctrine of laissez faire holds that there should be

as little government intervention in the economy as possible

According to Joseph proudhon, property was

profit stolen from workers

Count henri de Saint-Simon believed that

the key to progress was proper social organization

According to Henri de Saint-Simon, society's parasites included all of the following except


Eugene Delacroix's greatest masterpiece celebrated the

nobility of popular revolution

Romanticism was, in part, a rejection of


According to Marx, the driving force in history was the

economic relationship between classes

The veliefs and aspirations of the romantics included all of the following except

rejection of nature

The battle of peterloo refers to

the parliamentary debates over laws to limit child labor

Lord Byron died

fighting for Greek independence

The most important factor influencing the peaceful midcentury reforms in great britain was

political competition between the aristocracy and the middle class

Marx's theory of historical evolution was built on the philosophy of


The winners of the Revolution in 1830 in France were the


All of the following were causative factors of the Revolution of 1848 in Paris except

the closing of the national workshops

the act that precipitated the Revolution of 1830 in paris was

Charles X's repudiation of the constitutional charter

The revolutions of 1848 began in


After austria, _______ was the most important german state


The national assembly that met in Frankfur in 1848 was made up of all of the following except

labor union leaders

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