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CompTIA A+ Questions-Chap 20

List the three types of user accounts used by Windows Vista.
Vista offers the administrator, standard user, and guest accounts.
List the four types of user accounts used by Windows XP.
Windows XP offers the administrator, power user, limited user (also called the users group), and guest accounts.
Which Windows console is used to create a new user group?
Open the Computer Management console and create user accounts.
What is the term Windows XP uses to describe sharing files when no control is allowed over who has access to a shared file?
Windows XP uses simple file sharing by default, which means you have no control over who has access to a shared folder or file.
What type of permission does a folder receive from its parent folder?
Inherited permissions are permissions that are attained from a parent object.
What type of permissions must be given so that a folder can be shared on the network?
When you share folders on the network, the permissions for remote users need to be set. These permissions, called share permissions.
If a folder has 10 subfolders, what is the easiest way to change the permissions for all 10 folders?
To remove the inherited status from these permissions so we can change them, click Advanced. The Advanced Security Settings box appears.
What two services must be running under Windows XP to share folders on the network?
For Windows XP to share resources, two services, Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks.
If you are having a problem changing the permissions of a folder that was created by
another user, what can you do to help solve the problem?
If you are having a problem changing permissions and you are not the folder owner, try taking ownership of the folder.
A shared folder whose name ends with a $ is called a(n)_____.
This shared and hidden folder is called a hidden share.
When is it possible to use administrative shares?
Administrative shares are the folders that are shared by default on a network that administrator accounts can access.
What can you do so that you can use file and folder encryption with a volume using the FAT file system and Windows Vista Business edition?
The process uses an Encrypting File System (EFS) certificate, and this certificate is required to decrypt the files. The drive holding the encrypted file or folder must use the NTFS file system.
What is the command to decrypt the file myfile.doc?
The command to decrypt a file is cipher /d C:\filename.ext.
What is the command to launch the Certificate Manager console?
Certificate Manager (certmgr.msc) console.
What is the file extension used by default for a certificate file that contains the private key? That does not contain the private key?
.cer for file without private key, .pfx for file with private key.
If you upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista Ultimate and cannot access your encrypted files, what is the first thing to do?
If you cannot access and encrypted file after you have installed a new version of Windows and you have a backup copy of your certificate, install (import) the certificate in Windows. Then add it to the encrypted file.
What hardware component is needed to set up BitLocker Encryption so that you can authenticate the computer?
The TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip. The TPM chip holds the BitLocker encryption key (also called the startup key).
What is the first thing you should do when you discover a computer is infected with malware?
If an infected computer is connected to a network (wired or wireless), immediately disconnect the network cable or turn off the wireless adapter.
What is the best tool to use to find out the purpose of a program that is running on your system?
The most reliable site to use when researching processes is the Microsoft support site (support.microsoft.com).
What command can be used to stop a process that is more powerful than Task Manager?
The Taskkill command.