20 terms

SAT Vocabulary list 2

abjure (verb)
to renounce under oath; to abandon forever
abrogate (verb)
to abolish by authoritative action
abnegate (verb)
to deny to oneself
abstemious (adj)
done sparingly; consuming in moderation
acclivity (noun)
an incline or upward slope
acuity (noun)
sharp vision or perception
acumen (noun)
sharpness of insight, mind and understanding
aerie (noun)
a nest built high in the air; an elevated, secluded dwelling
anomaly (noun)
a deviation from the common rule
atavistic (adj)
characteristic of a former era, ancient
beatific (adj)
displaying calmness and joy
bilious (adj)
ill-tempered, sickly, ailing
blithely (adverb)
merrily, lightheartedly cheerful
bombastic (adj)
high-sounding, but meaningless
bucolic (adj)
calumny (noun)
a false accusation
captious (adj)
intended to confuse in an argument
caustic (adj)
celerity (noun)
speed, haste
chary (adj)
watchful, cautious; extremely shy