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  1. aggrievedly
  2. wan
  3. Illuminate
  4. vigil
  5. dwindle
  1. a to become less, until little remains
  2. b To light up
  3. c in a manner suggesting that one has been badly treated
  4. d sickly;pale
  5. e a time of staying awake in order to keep watch or guard something

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  1. a sense of aloneness and sadness
  2. excessivley bright and showy
  3. not solid or strong
  4. Something make known to others
  5. out of proper order; wrong

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  1. SaturatedTurned away direct


  2. LoathsomeTo go on again; continue


  3. Pandemoniumsomething that prevents the evil effects of something else


  4. multitudea very great number


  5. QuenchTo put out; to extinguish