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  1. forlorn
  2. impetus
  3. gaudy
  4. Spurn
  5. Quench
  1. a a sense of aloneness and sadness
  2. b To reject or turn down scornfully
  3. c a force that produces motion or action; impulse
  4. d excessivley bright and showy
  5. e To put out; to extinguish

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  1. not solid or strong
  2. something that prevents the evil effects of something else
  3. To light up
  4. recovering, gradually from an illness
  5. Able to be heard

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  1. DivertedCareful about what one says or does


  2. aggrievedlyto become fainter and more distant


  3. ElaborateTo state at greater length or in greater detail


  4. foragea sense of aloneness and sadness


  5. PandemoniumA noisy upset; a wild uproar