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  1. recede
  2. Revelation
  3. forage
  4. Confirm
  5. Malignant
  1. a Something make known to others
  2. b To make certain
  3. c to search for what one wants or needs especially for food
  4. d Filled with evil; threatening
  5. e to become fainter and more distant

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  1. something that prevents the evil effects of something else
  2. To go on again; continue
  3. extremely destructive; devestate
  4. Careful about what one says or does
  5. to make part of another thing; merge

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  1. multitudea very great number


  2. LoathsomeDisgusting


  3. Chaossickly;pale


  4. AudibleAble to be heard


  5. Reavenousextremely hungry; greedy