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  1. multitude
  2. vigil
  3. Stupendous
  4. Loathsome
  5. Flourishing
  1. a a time of staying awake in order to keep watch or guard something
  2. b Tremendous: amazing
  3. c a very great number
  4. d Getting along well and successfully; thriving
  5. e Disgusting

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  1. Soaked with moisture; drenched
  2. Careful about what one says or does
  3. out of proper order; wrong
  4. extremely destructive; devestate
  5. To state at greater length or in greater detail

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  1. Quenchsickly;pale


  2. ConfirmTo make certain


  3. wanTo reject or turn down scornfully


  4. ResumeTo go on again; continue


  5. PandemoniumTo make certain