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  1. Elaborate
  2. Malignant
  3. Spurn
  4. aggrievedly
  5. amiss
  1. a out of proper order; wrong
  2. b Filled with evil; threatening
  3. c in a manner suggesting that one has been badly treated
  4. d To reject or turn down scornfully
  5. e To state at greater length or in greater detail

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  1. To make certain
  2. extremely destructive; devestate
  3. To guide or direct through a series of movements
  4. arousing interest without satisfying
  5. To put out; to extinguish

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  1. multitudea very great number


  2. dwindleto become less, until little remains


  3. wanTo reject or turn down scornfully


  4. suspectibleeasily affected or influenced


  5. DivertedCareful about what one says or does


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