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  1. Endnote
  2. Common knowledge
  3. Margins
  4. Pagination
  5. Goal setting
  1. a facts that can be found in many- at least three- independent sources and are known by a lot of people.
  2. b an explanation or reference to additional material that prints at the end of a document.
  3. c a plan to obtain or achieve something
  4. d the system used for numbering pages in a document.
  5. e the amount of white space between the text and the edge of the page on each side

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  1. a measurement of the transparency of a color
  2. categories of information about a document
  3. columns in which text flows from the bottom of one column to the top of the next column
  4. a nonprinting character inserted to force the start of a new page.
  5. the number of words in a document or selection

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  1. Publishthe specific use of uppercase or lower case letters


  2. Contrasta disagreement between two or more people who have different ideas


  3. Time managementthe way text, graphics, and space are organized on a document page


  4. Desktop publishingoutput a document so it can be disturbed to readers


  5. Metadatasomeone who unites people to work toward common goals