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  1. Dropped capital
  2. Prioritize
  3. Gutter
  4. Document properties
  5. Commercial printer
  1. a rank in order of importance
  2. b space added to the margin to leave room for binding
  3. c a business that provides printing, copying, and publishing services
  4. d categories of information about a document
  5. e an enlarging capital letter that drops below the first line of a body text in the paragraph

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  1. the process of designing and printing a documents using a computer and printer
  2. the last line of a paragraph printed alone at the top of the page.
  3. the unauthorized use of another person's ideas or creative work.
  4. the text of the footnote or endnote citation.
  5. someone who unites people to work toward common goals

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  1. Copyrighta basic principle in which elements with opposite or complementary features are positioned to create visual interests


  2. Footnotean explanation or reference to additional material that prints at the bottom of a page.


  3. Word countthe number of words in a document or selection


  4. Goal settingin Word, a segment of a document defined by a section break.


  5. Orphanthe first line of a paragraph printed alone at the bottom of the page.


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