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  1. Consistency
  2. Copyright
  3. Conflict
  4. Commercial printer
  5. Soft page break
  1. a the use of repetition to create a uniform and predictable design or layout
  2. b the location where word automatically starts a new page because the current page is full.
  3. c the exclusive right to perform, display, copy, or distribute an artistic work , or form of expression, such as words, music, images , or objects.
  4. d a disagreement between two or more people who have different ideas
  5. e a business that provides printing, copying, and publishing services

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  1. the process of designing and printing a documents using a computer and printer
  2. the default position for displaying and printing text horizontally across the shorter side of a page
  3. the first line of a paragraph printed alone at the bottom of the page.
  4. the space between column margins
  5. the unauthorized use of another person's ideas or creative work.

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  1. Casesomeone who unites people to work toward common goals


  2. Publisha measurement of the transparency of a color


  3. Landscape orientationpositioning document text so it displays and prints horizontally across the longer side of the page


  4. Metadatadata about data, such as the size of a file. Another term for document properties


  5. Bibliographyoutput a document so it can be disturbed to readers