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  1. Fair use doctrine
  2. Symbol
  3. Word count
  4. Opacity
  5. Page layout
  1. a the number of words in a document or selection
  2. b a measurement of the transparency of a color
  3. c part of copyright law that provides for limited use of copyrighted work without permission.
  4. d the way text, graphics, and space are organized on a document page
  5. e shapes, mathematical and scientific notations, currency signs, and other visual elements you can insert in documents by using the Symbol dialogue box

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  1. a basic principle of design that describes the visual weight of objects on a page, and the Way the objects are arranged in relation to each other
  2. a disagreement between two or more people who have different ideas
  3. the first line of a paragraph printed alone at the bottom of the page.
  4. the system used for numbering pages in a document.
  5. a plan to obtain or achieve something

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  1. Sectionin Word, a segment of a document defined by a section break.


  2. Time managementdata about data, such as the size of a file. Another term for document properties


  3. Casesomeone who unites people to work toward common goals


  4. Hard page breakthe location where word automatically starts a new page because the current page is full.


  5. Footnotean explanation or reference to additional material that prints at the bottom of a page.