17 terms

Chapter 1, 6th grade

International Date Line
longitude line 180 degrees east or west of the prime meridian
distance, measured in degrees, north or south of the equator
distance, measured in degrees, east or west of the prime meridian
map legend
key that explains symbols on a map
map scale
relates distances on a map to actual distances
map view
shows Earth's surface from above
profile view
shows an object as though you were looking at it from the side
time zone
area on Earth where people use the same time
contour interval
elevation difference between contour lines that are next to each other
contour line
topographic map line that connects points of equal elevation
cross section
shows vertical slice through rocks below Earth's surface
height above sea level
geologic map
shows the surface geology of an area
difference in elevation between the highest and lowest point
remote sensing
collecting information about an area without being there
measured steepness of the land
topographic map
shows detailed shapes and natural and human-made features of Earth's surface