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a group of people who settle in a distant land but who still keep their ties to their native land


a system that gave an individual a charter (or contract) to operate a colony as a business

Superior Council

a group existing during the French colonial period that was in charge of judicial matters and was presided over by the commissary commissioner

Land grant

a parcel of land given to the directors of the Company of the West under the condition that they bring settlers to the colony

Mississippi Bubble

the collapse of the French investment company, the Company of the West


a person who is bound to life of service to others and who is considered property


a large estate or farm

Code Noir

a set of laws governing the conduct of the slaves during the French colonial period

Casket girls

young women who came to Louisiana in 1728 to become wives of the settlers; they young women brought their trousseaus in a casket, or barrel-like chest

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