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6 th period

Taylor Whitmire

6th Peridod

AND condition

records you are searching for must match both criteria

Blank Report tool

an efficient way to create a report, especially if you plan to include only a few fields in your project


place limits on (extent or access)

Bound Control

A control connected to a field in the record source and is used to display, enter, and update data (AC 98).

Calculated Controls

Text boxes that display the results of expressions.


the activity of managing or exerting control over something

Control Layout

A "container" that groups together the controls in a form so that you can change them as a group. (AC 95).

Data Entry

The process of getting information into a database, usually done by people typing it in by way of data-entry forms designed to simplify the process.

Date Control

A control on a form or report that inserts the current date each time the form or report is opened

Design View

this view is used in a table to define field names and assign data types

Detail Section

contains the report details or content information; required

Filter By Form

Use when you need to display records that contain one or more values based on the values stored in one or more fields (AC 58).

Filter By Selection

filters for information related to an active cell


pulls out the records that meet specific criteria and includes only those records in the merge


the spatial arrangement of something as distinct from its substance

Form Footer

An area at the bottom of the form, below the Detail area, in which you can enter explanatory text, date codes, or anything else that applies to the form as a whole.

Form Header

An area at the top of the form, above the Detail area, in which you can enter titles, explanatory text, graphics, or anything else that applies to the form as a whole

Form Tool

Creates a simple form that includes all the fields in the selected table or query, uses a simple format, and includes a title with the same name as the record source (AC 85).

Group Footer

used to display sums, counts, or averages of groups of data

Group Header

A tool that refines reports by sorting information into groups

Group, Sort, and Total Pane

a pane in a report in which you can modify the grouping fields, sort fields, and calculations for the report

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