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  1. A supposed process in which a person gets rid of aggressive energy by viewing others acting aggressively.
  2. In attribution theory the act of making judgments about the causes for another's behavior.
  3. Concern about how others will judge us
  4. A situation in which the risk associated with an act is split among the members of a group; hence, the risk is smaller for each person.
  5. The process of learning behaviors by viewing and imitating others.

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  1. ConsequencesIn attribution theory, the emotional responses, behavior, and expectations that result from the attribution.


  2. Attribution theoryTheory that describes how people explain the causes of behavior. The process includes antecedents, attribution theory, and consequences.


  3. TerritorialityThe number of people per square foot in a given space


  4. CrowdingA psychological felling of having too little space