Human Geo Final review

he was the head librarian at Alexandria and computed the earth's circumference
George Perkins Marsh
he was the first geographer to consider man's imact on the enviroment
the map projection most seen in geography books and national geographic
what map would one use to navigate the elevation of a mountain hike?
cognitive map
If one drew a map on a paper of their route from home to work, what kind of map would it be?
describing a place based on its relationship with other, nearby places explains the term
the first law of geography
the further apart two places are, the less likely interaction will take place
enviromental determinism
human behavior and potential is based on enviromental conditions
pidgin language
the melding of two languages
what is the only continent that does not have a country with english as a major language
a religion that attempts to win converts and considers its faith applicable to all
considered the most important person for spreading the christianity
charter group
the first major ethnic group to establish cultural norms in an area
a person changing their sex is dealing with the geographical term
the common scene of Mcdonalds and Lowe's , as well as other chain buisnesses is an example of
total fertility rate
the average number of children a woman will have during her child bearing years
carrying capacity
refers to the amount of people an area can handle w/o straining its resources
Thomas Malthus theory
felt that population growth will outgrow ability to feed that population
channalized migration
the typical and frequently used immagration route between places
sub-sahara africa
where do geographers think the next population explosion will happen
post-modern architecture
know for the use of different types of building material and bright colors
beax arts
the melding of older and newer architectural styles
rank-size rule
the idea that a country's second city had half the population of its largest city
gateway city
a city that serves as a major port of entry for both people and goods
a church
a islamic city does not have a what
lower class resident area
according to the hoyt sector model, the factory and industry section tends to be found admist what
rural to urban
major movement of urbanization as seen today
primate city
a city that has that vast majority of a country's population
surrounding defense walls
as seen in medival times in european cities
stationary agricilture
what lead to the growth of cities
economic union
the european union is an example of what kind of alliance
taking over another country by force
rimland theory
the idea that to be strong state requires being on the coast line with a strong navy
a country that is completely surrounded by other countries
states that have very strong state or provincial governments and weak federal government
forward thrust capital
a capital city created to develop an empty part of the country away from the core
a dispute that argues over natural material
which shape of countries have enclaves of seperated countries
statelessness nation
a nation w/o a place to call their own
unitary states
little or no fractions or differences among the people
where did the modern city idea stem from
a government based on religion
economic expansion
defined as any growth, expansion and/or utilization of natural and previously untapped resources.
core periphery model
a way measuring countries based on their dependence on other countries.
regions or countries of the world where there is a concentration of wealth, innovation and technology.
regions or countries are at the low end on the economic developed scale and are characterized by low per capita incomes and low standards of living. These regions include Africa (except South Africa), Asia and portions of South America.
regions or countries that are newly industrialized with rising standards of living. This group includes Brazil, Chile, China, India and Indonesia.
rostows stage #1
dominated by primary economic activities
rostows stage #2
ground work for economic expansion is in place, like commercial agriculture
rowstows stage #3
influx of foreign investment
rowstows stage #4
manufacturing and commercial base in established
rowstows stage #5
large-scale mass consumption and high per capita incomes
the value of all goods and services produced within a country's borders during a given period of time.
the value of all goods and services, including income from overseas, produced by citizens of a particular country during a given period of time.
the value of the GDP plus the income received from foreign investments.
a link between currency exchange rates to the prices paid for goods and services in any two countries. This is highlighted by the Economist magazine that periodically highlights this term with what it calls the McDonalds's index, showing PPP by way of a Big Mac.
a method the UN uses to measure development in terms of human welfare rather than economic performance.
Subsequence economies
goods and services for the creator and his/her family.
commercial economies
goods and services are created to make a profit.
planned economies
the government makes all decisions regarding products, its supply and the price of such goods and services.
primary economy system
involve the extraction or harvesting of resources. such as fishing, mining...
fertile crescent
ask miller
extensive agriculture
characterized by large farms but a small work force as seen left on this farm in the Ukraine. does not use much machinary
intensive agriculture
characterized by smaller plots but larger labor force. This is generally done to produce more crops for a larger population with less technological help such as seen right in the Gansu Province, China. uses more machinary
the green revolution
when they started trying to fatten animals by add in chemicals. negatives: it works in one area but not the other
mixed crops
involves a variety of crop farming including fruits and vegetables and is heavily sold in areas whose climates do not support the growth of such crops.
specialty crops
includes foods that are prevalent in certain areas such as the growth of grapes, avocados and olives in the Mediterranean region, California, eastern Australia, Chile (olive plantation seen left) and western Europe.
luxury crops
refer to the growing of foods that are not essential to everyday life such as bananas, cocoa, pineapples, flowers and coffee. Such production is normally controlled by a foreign agribusiness.
the von thunen model
that the city is set in the order from buisness, dairy, forest, farming, raching. it goes by what is parishable and what is not in order form how far it is from the city
plants or animals whose DNA has been genetically altered.
when you can go anywhere and catch fish
when you fish in a contained enviroment
dispersed settlement
like this one in Garth, Wales (left) are typified by large farms and relative isolation from neighbors.
nucleated settlements
refer to a small group of families living together with farms all around like this one (right) outside of Felindre, Wales
long lot surveying
meant to give each household equal access to nearby water like these farms in south Louisiana (left).
metes and bounds
a common surveying feature in the eastern portions of the United States.
township and range surveying
a grid (block) system meant to organize settlements evenly and equally.