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these are special keys programmed to issue commands to a computer

function keys (F1, F2, etc.)

input device that contains keys users press to into data into the computer


a ____ ___ is an instruction issued by replying to a question that is displayed

user response

switches between two states each time a user presses the key

toggle key (caps lock, num lock)

symbol on screen usually a blinking vertical bar


unlike most desktops, a typical notebook computer usually has about ___ keys


voice ___ is the computers capability of distinguishing spoken words


another window on the screen during a video conference that displays notes & drawings simultaneously on all participants' screens

white board

many scanners include ___ software, which can read & concert text documents into electronic files

OCR (optical character recognition)

a touch sensitive display device that users interact with by touching the screen with a finger

touch screen

an artist can create drawings/sketches by using a pen or cursor on a(n) ___ ___, which is a flat, rectangular, electronic plastic board

graphics tablet

a(n) ___ ___ is a flat electronic device divided into panels that users press with their feet in response to instructions from a music video game

dance pad

a new type of mouse which is motion sensing

air mouse

a ___ ___ is a meeting between 2+ geographically separated people who use a network of the internet to transmit audio & video data

video conference

technology that reads hand-drawn marks such as small circles or rectangles

optical mark recognition (OMR)

this is an ID code that consists of vertical lines of different widths

bar code

uses radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in or attached to an object, animal or person


used almost exclusively by the banking industry for check processing

MICR (magnetic ink character recognition

a ___ identifier is a physiological or behavioral characteristic such as fingerprints, hand geometry, facial features, voice, signatures, & eye patterns

biometric devices

captures a live face image & compares it with a stored image to determine if the person is legit user

facial recognition

most retail stores use a ____ terminal to record purchases, process credit or debit cards, & update inventory


an ATM asks users to enter a


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