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  1. Victory in Europe. The day Germany surrendered.
  2. In Hiroshima
  3. intern
  4. The king of Italy haf Mussolini become prime minister because Mussolini threatened to over throw Italy's government
  5. The Lend-Lease law was a law Roosevelt wanted to lend weapons to Britain
  1. a temporarily imprison
  2. b What was the Lend-Lease law?
  3. c What was V-E Day?
  4. d Where did the U.S. drop the atomic bombs?
  5. e Why did the king of Italy appoint Mussolini prime minister?

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  1. Why was the Battle of Midway significant for the Allies?
  2. Who was "Rosie the Riveter"?
  3. Inexperienced high-officer, used the atomic bomb on Japan. VP of Roosevelt
  4. What was V-J Day?
  5. Who led the Axis powers?

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  1. Women were nurses, in noncombat roles such as the Woman's Army Corps or were pilots that ferried bombers from base to base.What was the Atlantic Charter?


  2. Douglas MacArthurCommander of Filipino-American Force


  3. Hitler went in a bunker under the city and killed himself.What did Hitler do when the Soviets invaded Berlin?


  4. America stopped giving Japan steel, iron, and oil.What was V-J Day?


  5. To overcome the German opposition in FranceWhat promise did MacArthur keep in the Pacific?


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