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  1. The Executive Order 9066 temporarily imprisoned about 110,000 Japanese-Americans for the duration of the war.
  2. America stopped giving Japan steel, iron, and oil.
  3. Jews were banned from public schools They could not get a job or degree for medicine or law *Jews began to be rounded up and sent to labor camps
  4. NAACP and National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses.
  5. For the first time in history Allied judges tried to prominent Nazis for putting the world into war and for death camps that killed millions.
  1. a What was Executive Order 9066?
  2. b What happened for the first time in history in Nuremberg, Germany after the war?
  3. c What kind of units did African-Americans serve in?
  4. d What prompted Japan to attack Pearl Harbor?
  5. e What were the consequences of the anti-Semitic laws?

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  1. Inexperienced high-officer, used the atomic bomb on Japan. VP of Roosevelt
  2. Why were the American and Filipino forces unable to effectively defend the Philippines?
  3. What was the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939?
  4. What promise did MacArthur keep in the Pacific?
  5. What did Hitler do when the Soviets invaded Berlin?

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  1. Dwight D. EisenhowerAn American general that went to Morocco and Algeria


  2. Mussolini was an ally to HitlerWhy was Mussolini's dismissal a blow to Hitler?


  3. Made their own victory gardens Bought war bonds to help pay military costs *Americans issued ration coupons to purchase goods.What 3 civilian efforts helped pay for the war and gave civilians a sense that they were helping?


  4. Many American, British, and Canadian troops crossed the English Channel.What was the goal of the D-Day invasion?


  5. Prisoners were either killed in gas chambers Torture labor or used for medical expiraments.What happened to the prisoners of Nazi death camps?