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  1. Germany was now open on the east and west, and also running low on men.
  2. intern
  3. Hitler claimed that the Jews were the cause to the loss of WWI. The german people believed him because they all wanted somebody to blame for their losses and problems.
  4. To be re-elected 3 times
  5. People started to believe the the democratic government was not strong enough to continue their problems
  1. a What was the significance of the Battle of Bulge?
  2. b What circumstances allowed dictators to take power in some European countries?
  3. c temporarily imprison
  4. d What did Hitler claim had caused Germany to lose WWI? Why did the German people believe him?
  5. e President Roosevelt was the first president to do what?

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  1. What did all Holocaust death camp survivors have with them until they died?
  2. What was D-Day?
  3. Why did the king of Italy appoint Mussolini prime minister?
  4. Inexperienced high-officer, used the atomic bomb on Japan. VP of Roosevelt
  5. What was the goal of American and British troops in Italy?

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  1. Adolf Hitleran extreme nationalist, became a leader to the National Socialist, or Nazi Party


  2. In HiroshimaWhat lay at the core of Nazi beliefs?


  3. Victory in Europe. The day Germany surrendered.What was V-E Day?


  4. For the first time in history Allied judges tried to prominent Nazis for putting the world into war and for death camps that killed millions.What happened for the first time in history in Nuremberg, Germany after the war?


  5. kamikazeWhat lay at the core of Nazi beliefs?