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  1. Germany, Italy, and Japan.
  2. In Hiroshima
  3. The Lend-Lease law was a law Roosevelt wanted to lend weapons to Britain
  4. totalitarian state
  5. Harry S. Truman
  1. a Who led the Axis powers?
  2. b a nation in which a single party controls the government and every aspect of people's lives
  3. c Where did the U.S. drop the atomic bombs?
  4. d Inexperienced high-officer, used the atomic bomb on Japan. VP of Roosevelt
  5. e What was the Lend-Lease law?

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  1. What was Hitler's "final solution to the Jewish problem"?
  2. What did the Neutrality Act of 1935 do? What was the its goal
  3. What lay at the core of Nazi beliefs?
  4. What countries had Germany conquered by June, of 1940?
  5. Who did Stalin have killed in his attempt to control the Soviet Union?

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  1. Women were nurses, in noncombat roles such as the Woman's Army Corps or were pilots that ferried bombers from base to base.How were the beliefs of the militarists in Japan like Hitler's Nazis?


  2. Benito MussoliniPromised to restore prosperity and order through strong leadership, he also became the prime minister


  3. Roosevelt died, so Truman took over.What significant event occurred in the U.S. after the invasion of Germany?


  4. Fair Employment Practices Comittee a need for workers.Why were the American and Filipino forces unable to effectively defend the Philippines?


  5. The king of Italy haf Mussolini become prime minister because Mussolini threatened to over throw Italy's governmentHow were the beliefs of the militarists in Japan like Hitler's Nazis?