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  1. kamikaze
  2. Soviet beat Germans in and around Stalingrad in Russia. British defeated German forces in Egypt.
  3. Opposing ships didn't get to see each other. Instead. airplanes would fly off of them and attack the other ship.
  4. America stopped giving Japan steel, iron, and oil.
  5. Josef Stalin
  1. a What was the new form of warfare at the Battle of the Coral Sea?
  2. b suicide pilots crash their planes into enemies ships
  3. c In 1929 he was a sole dictator of the Soviet Union and made the Soviet Union a totalitarian state
  4. d What prompted Japan to attack Pearl Harbor?
  5. e What 2 events in Europe and North Africa started to move the war in the Allies favor?

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  1. What was the Lend-Lease law?
  2. What did Hitler do when the Soviets invaded Berlin?
  3. What promise did MacArthur keep in the Pacific?
  4. What lay at the core of Nazi beliefs?
  5. Mexican laborers in the U.S.

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  1. totalitarian statea nation in which a single party controls the government and every aspect of people's lives


  2. Many American, British, and Canadian troops crossed the English Channel.What was D-Day?


  3. Germany, Italy, and Japan.Who led the Axis powers?


  4. Germany conquered Denmark, Netherlands, Luxemborg, Belgium, France, Poland and Austria.What countries had Germany conquered by June, of 1940?


  5. economic depressiona period when business activity slows, prices and wages drop, and unemployment rises