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Total War

Trench Warfare
warfare in which
the opposing forces attack and
counterattack from a relatively
permanent system of trenches
protected by barbed-wire
No man's land
The land between
opposing trenches where there
was no protection from the
enemies front line.
A situation in
which further action is blocked;
a deadlock.
Poison Gas
In 1915 Germany began to use
poison gas which blinded and
or choked its victims. It
either created blisters and
burns or killed the soldier.
The Allies shortly began to use
these gases as well.
it was an uncertain weapon
because the gases depended on
the winds. The winds could push
the gases back towards the
troops who launched it.
In 1916 Britain introduced the
armored tank. It was mounted
with machine guns and was
designed to move across broken
land and through barbed wire.
It actually did little to break
the stalemate, the first tanks
moved slowly and broke down often
is a large gas filled
balloon which a pilot could fly
German submarine, Germans used
U-Boats to sink British
merchant ships.
Total war
the channeling of a nation's
Entire resources into a war effort
Allow someone to have only a fixed
amount of a certain commodity
debt securities issued by a government
for the purpose of financing military operations
during times of war
a sum of money demanded by a
government for its supporter for specific
facilities or services
is the spreading
of ideas to promote a cause or
to damage an opposing cause
is the suppression of speech or
other public communication which may
be considered harmful to people as determined by a government
Another word for the draft
Why did the government censor the press?
Government is now in control of the
Infrastructure of society (economy,
Education, law, etc) and does not want people to go against the war effort
Why was propaganda important for the war
It made people want to support the war
And made them want to fight
Why were woman roles important?
They made materials needed for the war effort, worked in factories, industry, and took over jobs at home (police, etc)
Why did the U.S. enter the war?
The date is May 7, 1915, just nine months into
World War I.
A German U-boat torpedoes the Lusitania—
one of the largest and fastest luxury liners of
its day. Of the 1,959 people aboard nearly
two-thirds will die, 128 being American.
Also The Zimmerman note, was a note from
Germany to Mexico who tempted Mexico
With gaining land from America back. (Texas, New Mexico)
Worried about losing land Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany
Woodrow Wilson's 14 points
Fourteen Points were first outlined in a speech Wilson gave to the American Congress in January 1918. Wilson's Fourteen Points became the basis for a peace programme and it was on the back of the Fourteen Points that Germany and her allies agreed to an armistice in November 1918.
an agreement to end fighting
Paris Peace conference
President Woodrow Wilson of
the United States, Prime
Minister David Lloyd George of
Great Britain, George Clemenceau
of France all meet in the Paris
Peace conference in 1919. No official agreement could be made from the conference
Treaty of Versailles
The Treaty of Versailles was the peace settlement signed after World War One had ended in 1918. The treaty was signed at the vast Versailles Palace near Paris - hence its title - between Germany and the Allies. Forced Germany to pay reparations, restricted their military, and took away territory from Germany and distributed with other countries
Russia pulling out of World War I
High casualties, debt from war, and Russian Revolution forced Russia to pull out or the war.