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Zurich Dada (Describe)

Switzerland, First manifestation of Dada.
Manifesto Created.
Interest in absurd - Reflects absurdity of WWI

Zurich Dada (Dates)

1916 - 1919

Zurich Dada (Artists)

Hugo Ball
Emmy Hennings
Sophie Taeuber
Jean Arp

Hugo Ball (style, dates, describe works)

Zurich Dada
1916 -1919
Rejected from British Military
Dada Manifesto
Founded Cabaret Voltaire
Performative works - absurd costumes, strange words. Anti-art (eg - Karawane)

Cabaret Voltaire

Zurich Dada
Place where Zurich Dadaists would present their works.
Founded by Hugo Ball

Emmy Hennings (style, dates, describe work)

Zurich Dada
1916 - 1919
Collaborated with Hugo Ball at Cabaret Voltaire
Performative - poetry, puppets, dance

Sophie Taeuber (style, dates, describe work)

Zurich dada
1916 -1919
Married to jean Arp
Collaborated with Hugo Ball at Cabaret Voltaire
Designed: puppets, sets, costumes
created: Sculptures - Dada heads

Jean Arp (style, dates, describe work)

Zurich dada
1916 -1919
Married to Sophie Taeuber
Famous: Early visual Dada works
Collage: Cut strips of paper/textiles, dropped on canvas.
Sculpture: usually wood. Biomorphic figures. Painted. Also used metals


Invokes image from organic form.
Example: Limbs, eggs, sexual organs, etc.

New York Dada (Dates & Describe)

1915 - 1920
More playful than Zurich (less of war theme)
Intellectual and conceptual art

Marcel Duchamp (style, dates, describe work, )

New York Dada
1915 - 1920
Paintings: cubist influence, suggestive titles, Mechanimorphic
Readymades: common items, not changed, merely presented.


New York Dada
1915 -1920
Pioneer: Duchamp
Manufactured objects promoted to the dignity of the artist. (Breton quote)


Machine as body.
(Duchamp, Hausmann)

Man Ray (style, dates, describe work)

New York Dada
1915 - 1920
Photogrphy: described as "readymade painting," Rayographs, Duchamp as subject, Lee Miller as subject
Readymades: Useful items made useless, highlights invisible objects,


New York Dada
1915 - 1920
Pioneer: Man Ray
placed items on photo paper and exposed to light to create reverse shadows.

Lee Miller

New York Dada
1915 -1920
Model for Man Ray photos

German Dada (Dates and Describe)

1918 - 1923
More political than others, came out of idealized Wiemar Republic. Critical of government

Raoul Hausmann

German Dada
1918 - 1923
Photomontage: Mechanomorphic, used text to express disgust with culture.
Sculpture: Mechanomorphic, readymade

Hannah Höch

German Dada
1918 - 1923
Photomontage: Used images and raw materials to blend industrial images with society and text images. Early feminist. Political. Work is usually "Busy"


Mostly German Dada
Hannah Höch - most well known
Combining found images and text to create a new, single piece of visual art


German Dada (mostly)
1918 - 1923
Pioneer: Schwitters
Single work of art that blends 2 and 3 dimensional images. Pops out of the work. Tangible.

Kurt Schwitters

German Dada
1918 - 1923
Assemblage: Concerned with more formal elements of art than other Dadaists. Less political. Looks at placement and form. 3 dimensional

Max Ernst

German Dada
1918 -1923
Assemblage: mostly painted wood in frame
Photomontage: Simpler montages, less busy, mechanomorphic, political & anti-war.
Painting: Biomorphic - images resemble human or animal forms. Recognizable, but not concrete. Looks logical, but is not

Paris Dada (dates and describe)

1919 - 1922
Short lived - transforms quickly into another form.
Mostly literary movement

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