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Threatening, signaling evil to come


Set of words chanting or sang as part of a religious ritual


Express grief or sorrow


To give as a share of portion


Thoughtfully questioning or meditating


Filled to overflowing


A dazed condition; almost without sense or feeling


Establish by decree of law


To hold out; triumph




The way the author feels while writing


The way the reader feels while reading


The central idea - this could be the topic of the passage or universal message demonstrated


Word choice - words used by the author to further the purpose/impact of the passage

Objective Summary

provides a general overview of the passage from an unbiased perspective

Quest Story

A story that tells about an adventurous journey that the main character has undergone. The main character is able to overcome the many obstacles that he meets on the way, has a friend or a foe to help or hinder him on his journey, resulting in returning the benefits of knowledge, wisdom, or a prize

Quest Hero

Goes on a journey in search of knowledge, wisdom, or a prize, facing overwhelming obstacles. He has a friend or foe that helps or hinders his quest, but in the end, gains knowledge or a valuable object for his trouble.

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