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OLQHS Literature study guide "The Highwayman"

Be able to apply rhyme scheme to a stanza of this poem.
Tim, the ostler
Who overhears the conversation between the highwayman and Bess?
Commit a robbery
Why does the highwayman ask Bess to wait? What is he planning to do?
Bess is tied up and waiting for the highwayman
Name a detail that helps build suspense.
Cause-effect relationship
"Highwayman commits robbery, the redcoats come to the inn" is an example of this.
Tim told the redcoats
How did the redcoats know that highwayman was coming to see Bess?
He wants to get revenge
Why does the highwayman hurry back to the inn after hearing that Bess had died?
Love, betrayal, honor, and death
Possible themes of this poem
England's moor country (open rolling swamp land)
Setting of the poem
Use of words that sound like their meaning. ex. TLOT TLOT.
Comparison of two unlike objects without using "like" or "as". Ex. "His eyes were hollows of madness."
Comparison of two unlike objects using the words "like" or "as." Ex. "His hair like moldy hay." Ex. "Dumb as a dog he listened."
half rhyme
A type of rhyme that is not exact.
Ex. "He did not know who stood
Drenched in her own blood."
Repetition of an initial consonant sound in a line of poetry. Ex. "face grew gray" Ex. "She stood straight and still."
Time setting of this narrative
King George, Redcoats
Example of allusion in this poem.
Fancy and elegant
How does the highwayman dress?
Hair like moldy hay; eyes were hallows of madness; dumb as a dog; white peaked face
Describe the person who betrays Bess.
Drink the landlords ale; tie Bess up
What do the soldiers do when they first arrive at the inn?
To warn the Highwayman
Why does Bess pull the trigger of the musket?
Bess and the Highwayman meet as ghosts
What happens at the end of the poem?