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US History Branches Plus

system of government where power is divided between national and state government
Legislative Branch
branch of gov. that makes laws
-senate:2 from each state
-House of Rep: depends on pop
Executive Branch
carries out laws
-vice president
-army and navy
Judicial Branch
interprets laws
-constitutional court
Checks and Balances
-powers of 1 branch overlap those of another branch
-ensures equality of all branches
Electoral College
group selected by the states to elect the president and vice president in which each state's # of electors is equal to the # of its senators and reps. in Congress
the official approval of the constitution, or amendment, by the states
-1785: Constitution ratified
-1790:13th state ratifies (RI)
supporters of the Constitution of a strong national gov. that wanted to ratify the Constitution
wanted to add the Bill of Rights before ratifying the Constitution
The Constitution
rules established for the government for the United States
Checks and Balances for the Branches
President checks congress-veto
Congress checks president-override veto
Judicial branch-checks everyone with judicial review