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Phew finally done! :D A very brief summary of what happened, which amendment it pertains too, etc... Please feel free to add/fix change anything, since I'm not exactly sure I have them all right. (especially feel free to add anything to Berghuis v. Thompkins and/or U.S. v. valenzuela!) Please put in the comments what change you made so the rest of us know what the old and right answers are thanks :)

Everson v. Board of Education

Which court case involved reimbursements of money to parents bussing their kids to Catholic schools?

freedom of religion

Which part of the first amendment does Everson v. Board of Education have to do with?

Board of Education

Who won the Everson v. Board of Education trial? (They won because it wasn't a violation of the first amendment because it was a general service provided to all people)

Engel v. Vitale

Which court case involved a New York school that made an optional prayer at the begininning of the day?

Freedom of religion

Which part of the first amendment does Engel v. Vitale have to do with?


Who won the Engel v. Vitale court case? (They won because having the prayer at the beginning of the day would show that the school approve a specific religion)

Johnson v. texas

Which court case involved a man who burned an American flag?

Freedom of speech

Which part of the first amendment did the Johnson v. Texas court case have to do with?


Who won the Johnson v. Texas court case? (they won because burning a flag was considered a form of speech and it can't be prohibited.)

Near v. Minnesota

Which court case involved someone writing an article slandering public officials for gang association? "gag law"

freedom of press

Which part of the first amendment did Near v. Minnesota have to do with?


Who won the Near v. Minnestoa court case?( they won because even though the newspaper slandered public officals, it was still a right they had)

NAACP v. Alabama

Which court case involved an organization who wouldn't give the government their list of members?

Freedom of assembly

Which part of the first amendment does the NAACP v. alabama court case have to do with?


Who won the NAACP v. Alabama court case? (they won because they aren't required to give their information out)

Muscarello v. United states

Which court cases had to do with a man who had a gun in his trunk at the same time he had drugs and was given a larger sentence because of possessing them at the same time?


Which amendment did Muscarello v. united States have to do with?

United States

Who won Muscarello v. united States? (They won because he was knowingly carrying a gun)

United States v. Valenzuela

Which court case involves a rent control law?

5, 6

Which amendment does United States v. Valenzuela court case have to do with?

United states

Who won united States v. Valenzuela? (They won because there never really was a problem)

Bond v. United States

Which court case had to do with a man who the police searched his bag by grabbing and squeezing it?


Which amendment does Bond v. United States have to do with?


Who won Bond v. United States? (They won because the search was physically invasive of his private property)

Griffin v. California

Which court case involved a man who murdered someone, but he was put on death row because they interpreted his silence as guilt?


Which amendment does Griffin v. California have to do with?


Who won the Griffin v. California court case? (They won because silence does not equal guilt)

Berghuis v. Thompkins

Which court case involved a man charged with murder who petitioned for habeaus corpus relief but was denied? His rights were violated by the police because they got a confession from him without reading him his rights.


Which amendment does Berghuis v. thompkins have to do with?


Who won Berghuis v. Thompkins court case? (They won because he wasn't read his rights and they got a confession out of him)

Blakely v. Washington

Which court case had to do with a judge punishing a man instead of the jury?


Which amendment did Blakely v. Washington have to do with?


Who won the Blakely v. Washington court case? (He won because this violate his sixth amendment right to a trial by jury)

Curtis v. Loether

Which court case to do with someone who said someone wouldn't let them a room because of their race and they were denied their jury request?


Which amendment does Curtis v. Loether have to do with?


Who won Curtis v. Loether (They won because they should have been granted a jury trial when asked for)

Roper v. Simmons

Which court case had to do with a mentally ill minor being put to death for a crime?


Which amendment did Roper v. simmons have to do with?


Who won Roper v. simmons? (they won because it is cruel punishment to put a mentally ill minor to death)

Griswold v. Connecticut

Which case involved the controversial use of contraceptives for married couples?


Which amendment applied to the Griswold v. Connecticut case?


Who won the Griswold v. Connecticut case (They won because although marital privacy isn't specifically stated in the Connstitution, it is implied.)

Gibbons v. Ogden

Which court case has to do with New York state giving people the rights to use steam boats anywhere for interstate commerce?


Which amendment did Gibbons v. Ogden have to do with?


Who won Gibbons v. Ogden? (They won because only Congress has the right to interstate trade)

Mapp v. Ohio

What is the court case that involves a woman who is convicted during a search for having obscene materials? (Even though the obscene materials weren't what they were looking for)

Freedom of expression

Which part of the first Constitution has to do with Mapp v. Ohio?


who won Mapp v. Ohio? (They won because of freedom of expression; allowed to have obscene materials)

Miranda v. Arizona

What is the court case involving several people not being told their rights to a lawyer, silence etc.. and signing papers or confessing?


Which amendment does Miranda v. Arizona have to do with?


who won Miranda v. Arizona (They won because the people weren't being told of their rights to counsel and their protection against self-incrimination)

Plessy v. Ferguson

which court case deals with "separate but equal" train cars and a 7/8 caucasian man sat in the white section and was arrested?


Which amendment does Plessy v. Ferguson have to do with?


Who won plessy v. Ferguson? (They won because of the "seprate but equal" clause and as long as they were equal it was ok)

Cleveland board of Education v. Lafleur

Which court case involved required maternity leave 5 months before baby is due with no pay?


Which amendment did cleveland Board of Education v. lafleur have to do with?


Who won Cleveland Board of Educaion v. Lafleur? (They won because of the Due Process clause, and 6 months leave might disrupt classes, so the maternity leave should be flexible because 6 months won't be applicable to everyone)

Reynolds v. united States

What court case had to do with religious plural marriages that were punished?


Which amendment did Reynolds v. United States have to do with?

United States

Who won Reynolds v. United States? (They won because they punished the other people, regardless of religion)

Wisconsin v. Yoder

Which court case involved an Amish man whose kids only went to school until 8th grade but the law was that kids had to school until they were 16?


Which amendment did Wisconsin v. Yoder have to do with?


Who won Wisconsin v. Yoder (They won because the benefits outweighed the bad if they didnt go to school until 16 since it was religious. Would be violating freedom of religion if forced to go to shcool for that long when religion requires until 8th grade)

Schenck v. United States

Which court case involved a man who mailed out circulars during wartime criticizing the military draft and was arrested based on charges of conspiracy?


Which amendment did Schenck v. United States apply to?

United States

Who won Schenck v. United states? (They won because rights granted in times of peace are not always that same as in times of war)

Gitlow v. New York

Which court case involved a man who promoted socialism and was arrested on charges of wanting to overthrow the government?


Which amendment did Gitlow v. New York have to do with?

New York

Who won Gitlow v. New york? (They won because his ideas could harm the public)

New York Times Company v. sullivan

Which case had to do with a man claiming he was personally harmed by an ad in the paper stating that arrest of King tried to deface his actions to integrate? also this man didn't have to prove it actually did harm him, but the ad was found to be factually incorrect


What amendment did New York Times Company v. sullivan apply to?

New York Times Company

Who won New York Times Company v. Sullivan? (they won because the ad was factually incorrect and this is still allowed under first amendment)

New York Times Company v. United States

What court case has to do with a newspaper publishing 'classified information' and the president wanted the information taken out?


Which amendment did New York Times Company v. United States have to do with?

New York Times Company

who won New York Times Company v. United States? (they won because the 'classified information' didn't really pose a safety hazard so there was no reason to violate the first amendment and take it out)

Wallace v. Jaffree

Which court case had to do with teachers having prayer services throughout the day?


Which amendment did Wallace v. Jaffree have to do with?


Who won Wallace v. jaffree? (They won because conducting prayer services made the school non-neutral about religion and it violates first amendment-freedom of religion)

Lee v. Weisman

Which court case involved a school principal asking a rabbi to come and speak to a graduating group of students?


Which amendment does Lee v. Weisman have to do with?


Who won Lee v. Weisman? (they won because having a rabbi at a graduation ceremony for school approves religion. it forces students to act in ways that approve the religion)

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