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  1. Calvin Coolidge
  2. Other Consumer Goods
  3. Edward "Duke" Ellington
  4. NAACP
  5. Paul Robertson
  1. a Electric Razors, facial tissues, frozen foods, and home hair color
  2. b Famous pianist and composer
  3. c Boston Police Strike
    Became Vice President under Harding
    Became President when Harding died
    Re-elected in 1924
  4. d Famous Black Actor
  5. e Was known to fight against lynching
    Defeated John J. Parker from the U.S. Supreme Court

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  1. Amos 'n' Andy
    Entertainment radio broadcast
  2. NBC and CBS
  3. Series of raids on offices of the Union of Russian Workers in 12 cities
    249 people deported
    32 states passed laws making it illegal to call for revolution
    In total 600 people were deported
  4. Provided federal aid for building airports
  5. Raised tariffs dramatically in an effort to protect American industry from foreign competition

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  1. Seattle General StrikeFirst African American representative in congress from a Northern state


  2. Freudian PsychologyEmphasized human sexuality


  3. National Origins Act14 countries agreed to no more war and would settle disputes by peaceful means


  4. Josephine BakerA workplace where employees were not required to join a union


  5. Marcus GarveyFrom Jamaica
    Negro Nationalism
    Founded Universal Negro Improvement Association
    Blacks should return back to Africa
    Served time in prison and then deported to Jamaica