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  1. William J. Simmons
  2. Albert Fall
  3. Bureau of the Budget
  4. Women in Writing
  5. KDKA
  1. a Teapot Dome
    Sentenced to prison time
  2. b Edith Wharton, Willa Cather, Edna Ferber
  3. c First radio station
    Broadcasted Hardings landslide victory
  4. d To prepare a unified federal budget
  5. e Founded the new KKK

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  1. Britain, France, Italy, China, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Portugal invited to discuss disarmament
    Five Power Naval Limitation Treaty
  2. Glorified Black culture and traditions
  3. Balance the budget, reduce government debt, and cut taxes
  4. Florence Sabin
  5. Electric Razors, facial tissues, frozen foods, and home hair color

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  1. Quiet Depression in American AgricultureFlorence Sabin


  2. Famous ActorsCharlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford


  3. First Major Broadcasting NetworksNBC and CBS


  4. Air Commerce ActAuthorized postal officials to contract with private airplane operators to carry mail


  5. Famous Sports PlayersCharlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford