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  1. Boston Police Strike
  2. Gertrude Stein
  3. Emergency Quota Act
  4. Bessie Smith
  5. Seattle General Strike
  1. a Mentor to many writers
  2. b Restricted annual admission to the U.S. to only 3% of the total number of people in any ethnic group
  3. c 35,00 Shipyard workers demanding higher wages and shorter hours
    In total there was 60,000
  4. d 75% of the police force walked off the job
    Calvin Coolidge called in the national guard and refused to give the strikers their jobs back
  5. e Symbolized soul
    Empress of the Blues

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  1. Wrote about disillusionment
    Moved to Europe
    Heroic Anti-heroes
  2. Government urged farmers to produce more to meet the needs in Europe
    Fordney-McCumber Act
  3. Used irony and humor to criticize upper-class ignorance and pretensions
  4. Rubber, Plate Glass, Nickel, Lead, Oil, Steel
  5. Families could improve their standard of living by limiting the amount of children they had
    Margaret Sanger

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  1. United States and IsolationismGlorified Black culture and traditions


  2. Ole HansonHarding's old poker player friends


  3. April 1919 Postal ServiceIntercepted 30 bombs


  4. First Assembly LineHighland Park, Michigan


  5. Billy SundayFormer baseball player who preached fundamentalism in nontraditional ways