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  1. Locations where artists, writers, and intellectuals flocked to
  2. Five Power Naval Limitation Treaty
  3. Lost Generation
  4. F. Scott Fitzgerald
  5. Women in Writing
  1. a The Great Gatsby
    A novel critical of modern society's superficiality
  2. b Manhattan's Greenwich Village and Chicago's South Side
  3. c Wrote about disillusionment
    Moved to Europe
    Heroic Anti-heroes
  4. d Britian, France, Italy, Japan, and the U.S. would halt the construction of ships and limit their current ships
  5. e Edith Wharton, Willa Cather, Edna Ferber

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  1. Raised tariffs dramatically in an effort to protect American industry from foreign competition
  2. Regulating radio frequencies and power of transmitters
  3. Most daring performer
    Became international
  4. The most famous nightclub in Harlem
    Only served white customers
  5. Play writer

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  1. BohemianHarding's old poker player friends


  2. Cooperative IndividualismCompanies allowed workers to buy stock, participate in profit sharing, and receive medical care and pensions


  3. Paul RobertsonFamous Black Actor


  4. Universal Negro Improvement AssociationRegulating radio frequencies and power of transmitters


  5. National Origins ActSet immigration quotas at 2% based off the US cencus of 1890
    Did not apply to western hemisphere