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  1. Blues
  2. Ole Hanson
  3. F. Scott Fitzgerald
  4. Glenn Curtis
  5. William J. Simmons
  1. a Claimed that the Seattle General Strike was part of an attempt to duplicate communism in Russia
  2. b Soulful style of music that evolved from African American spirituals
    Themes such as unfulfilled love, poverty, and oppression
  3. c Founded the new KKK
  4. d Led Aviation Indudstry
    Owned a motorcycle company
    Became Director of Experiments at the Aerial Experiment Association
  5. e The Great Gatsby
    A novel critical of modern society's superficiality

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  1. Leading voice of the African American experience in America
  2. Conducted revivals and faith healing in LA in a theatrical way
  3. Used irony and humor to criticize upper-class ignorance and pretensions
  4. Died from a heart attack on his way from Alaska to California
  5. Balance the budget, reduce government debt, and cut taxes

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  1. Dawes PlanCharles Dawes
    Negotiated an agreement with France, Britain, and Germany by which American banks would make loans to Germany that would enable it to make reparations payments. They then would accept less in reparations and pay back more on their war debts


  2. Five Power Naval Limitation TreatySeemed to be Isolationist
    Too interconnected though to not be
    Promote peace through economic policies and arms control agreements


  3. Gertrude Stein350,000 steelworkers
    Higher pay, shorter hours, and recognition of their union
    Companies hired replacements such as Blacks and Mexicans
    Companies attempted to split the workers using anti-immigrant feelings


  4. American LegionSurfaces attached to wings that can be tilted to steer the plane


  5. Carl SandburgHarding's old poker player friends


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