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  1. Fordney-McCumber Act
  2. KDKA
  3. NAACP
  4. Westinghouse Company
  5. Eugene O'Neil
  1. a Play writer
  2. b Was known to fight against lynching
    Defeated John J. Parker from the U.S. Supreme Court
  3. c First radio station
    Broadcasted Hardings landslide victory
  4. d Broadcasted first radio show
  5. e Raised tariffs dramatically in an effort to protect American industry from foreign competition

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  1. Seen as a dangerous catalyst for Black uprisings
  2. The most famous nightclub in Harlem
    Only served white customers
  3. Famous Black Actor
  4. Conducted revivals and faith healing in LA in a theatrical way
  5. 35,00 Shipyard workers demanding higher wages and shorter hours
    In total there was 60,000

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  1. Billy SundayFormer baseball player who preached fundamentalism in nontraditional ways


  2. Freudian PsychologyAmericans scared communists would attempt to seize power


  3. Cooperative IndividualismGlorified Black culture and traditions


  4. Famous Sports PlayersJack Dempsey - Boxer
    Red Grange - College Football
    Bobby Jones - Golfer
    Gertrude Ederle - Swimmer


  5. Red ScareAmericans scared communists would attempt to seize power