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  1. Fundamentalism
  2. Supply-side Economics
  3. National Origins Act
  4. Carl Sandburg
  5. Eugene O'Neil
  1. a Believed the bible was literally true and without error
  2. b Chicago Poet
    Used common speech to glorify the Midwest
  3. c Set immigration quotas at 2% based off the US cencus of 1890
    Did not apply to western hemisphere
  4. d Play writer
  5. e Lower taxes and people will earn more and actually pay at lower rates versus higher ones

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  1. Florence Sabin
  2. Companies allowed workers to buy stock, participate in profit sharing, and receive medical care and pensions
  3. Reached 4 million members in 1924
    Decreased in later 1920s because of scandals and power struggles
  4. Mentor to many writers
  5. Seemed to be Isolationist
    Too interconnected though to not be
    Promote peace through economic policies and arms control agreements

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  1. Palmer RaidsClaimed that the Seattle General Strike was part of an attempt to duplicate communism in Russia


  2. Federal Radio CommissionFormed by A. Mitchell Palmer
    Became FBI


  3. April 1919 Postal Service35,00 Shipyard workers demanding higher wages and shorter hours
    In total there was 60,000


  4. Freudian PsychologyA workplace where employees were not required to join a union


  5. Universal Negro Improvement AssociationSeen as a dangerous catalyst for Black uprisings