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A need or desire for a good or service by people.willing to pay for it.


An amount of a good or service offered for sale.


A leader of a colony or state.


A person who makes a trail for others to follow.


An opening between high mountains.

True or False. For many years the only way people from the U.S. could get to California was by sea.


True or False. Fur trappers helped open up land routes to CA from the U.S.


True or False.The first Americans to travel overland to CA had to cross deserts and mountains to get there.


True or False. The first Americans to reach CA by land were welcomed by California's governor.


Why was the supply of beavers in eastern U.S. so small?

Most of the beavers had already been trapped there.

Why do prices of goods rise when the supply of the goods is low?

When goods are hard to find, they become more valuable, and people will pay higher prices for them.

Why did Jedidiah Smith want to go to CA?

To explore California and to find new places to trap animals.

Why did Governor Echeandia not welcome Smith?

He saw them as a danger because he had entered without permission.

Why did people from the U.S. have to get permission to enter California?

Because California was a part of Mexico, and when they entered CA, people from The United States were entering their country.

What physical features did Smith cross that had kept settlers away from California?

a)Mojave Desert
b)San Bernardino Mountains
c)Sierra Nevada Mountains

THE FUR TRADE -Diagram 1

Trappers trapped animals.


Trappers sold skins to fur traders.


Traders sold skins to manufacturers

THe FUR TRADE-Diagram 4

Manufacturing made hats and clothing.

What might James Beckworth and California Indian groups have shared with each other?


What trail did Ewing Young help develop?

Old Spain Trail

Time Line-1826

!826-Jedediah Smith reaches California Overland.

Time Line-1827

1827-Jedediah Smith crosses the Sierra Nevada.

Time Line-1834

1834-Joseph Reddeford Walker finds Walker Pass.

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