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What are ligaments and what does it do?
The ligaments hold our bones together and can be found right next to the bones
What is cartilage and were can it be found?
Cartilageis found in between the bones and acts like a cushion to protect the bones
What are tendons and how do they help our bodies?
Our muscles are kept in place by tendons, without them, our muscles would fall off and we wouldn't be able to stand up
What are the types of joints and what is the most popular joint found in the body?
Gliding, Hinge, Pivot and ball and socket. The most popular one is the hinge joint.
What muscle on your face do you need to raise your eyebrows?
The frontalis muscle, because eyebrows and others things on the face is all on you face. And Frontalis muscles are face muscles.
How do our muscles help our body?
Without muscles, we wouldn't be able to do all the things we woudn't normally be able to do anything we usually do.
When in outer space, why do astronauts have to sit in wheelchairs after they return from a few months in outer space?
Even though they workout in space for a long time, it still nothing compared to fighting gravity for all day. So there's severe muscle loss
What is the most powerful muscle in your body and why is it most powerful?
Your gludeus maximus (butt) is the most powerful, because simply standing makes it do work.
How do the impulses travel from the sensory neurons to your motar neurons?
Your sensory neurons send signals/impulses by way of the spinal cord through the brain and back to the motar neurons
When a relfex is in effect, how does the signal/impulse travel?
When you are performing reflexes, you don't realize it because your brain doesn't recieve the signal/impulse, it goes directly from your sensory neuron to your motar neurons
What is the central nervous system and what are the parts of the body that is included in this system?
The central nervous system is like the cockpit of the plane, the control center of your entire body. The parts of your body that is included in this system is the brain and spinal cord
Why do we need our nervouse system?
It recieves info about everything happening to your body, internally and externally. It will sends and recieves the impulses and signals.
What kind of blood goes to your heart and why?
The nutrient, oxygen-rich blood gets sent to your heart for use, because without your heart, there wouldn't be blood throughout your body, and your heart is your strongest muscle.
What are the valves in your heart used for and why is it so important?
The valves in the heart keep the blood pumping in the right direction because without it, there would be wrong blood going the wrong way.
Why do the blood in your body have to pass through your lungs?
to get enough oxyegen to pass into your muscles and heart and everything else.
What are cappilaries and why is it so important?
Cappilaries are little things that are formed from arteries and give blood to cells around
What part of your body heats up the air that we breathe and where're they located?
Sinuses they are located near and around and in the nose
Why does the air we breathe have to be so moist and warm?
So that our lungs wont r=dry out and simply because our body's need the warmth