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The Fall of Rome

Marcus Aurelius

leader before Commodus ruled

Economy worsened because of a

weak government


a disease that spreads widely and kills many people.


rapidly increasing prices

Emperor Diocletian

tried to establish reforms to improve the political situation.

Emperor Constantine

tried to stop the empire's decline. He moved the capital to Byzantium.

Byzantium later became known as



split the empire into Eastern and Western Roman Empire


feared the Huns and asked Rome for protection.

Battle of Adrianople

site where the Visigoths defeated the Romans

Germanic Groups

invaded the Roman territory


Visigoth leader who captured the city of Rome and burned it.


overpowered Romans in Spain and Northern Africa


Germanic leader who took control of Rome's government to mark the end of the Western Roman Empire.

Visigoths killed Odoacer and set up a kingdom

in Italy.

The Eastern Roman Empire became known as:

the Byzantine Empire

Empress Theodora

came from a theatrical family.

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