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(adj) given to changes of interest or attitude according to whims or passing fancies: not guided by steady judgement, intent, or purpose.


(adj) affected with inertness or inactivity;dull, sleepy, sluggish, apathetic


(verb) give a false impression;to pretend


(noun) excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain


(verb) to give up, abandon,withdraw from, desist from (an idea, action, practice, etc).


(adj) having an existence, position, or status apart;separate, distinct


(adj) moderate and self-controlled as regards the indulgence of appetites or desires; marked by moderation: keeping or existing in the middle ground between extremes


(adj) marked by long duration, by frequent recurrence over a long time, and often by slowly progressing seriousness


(verb) to fall into a state of quiet:cease to rage:settle down:become tranquil


(adj) full of commotion and uproar; marked by violent or overwhelming turbulence or upheaval


(verb) to distinguish (one thing) from a related thing by recognition of common and variant elements; to draw out from or forth from and set free of a tangled, jumbled, confused, or otherwise involved heap, mass, or situation: separate and set aside


(noun) a state of having useful or spiritual information


(noun) a person of great authority or wisdom whose opinions or judgments are regarded with great respect: one who is considered or professes to be infallible guide


(verb) to regard with repugnance: detest extremely


(adj) existing in hidden, dormant, or repressed form but usually capable of being evoked, expressed, or brought to light


(verb) to stoop or bend to action or speech less formal or dignified than is customary in one's social rank or importance: come down to the level of one socially inferior;to assume an air of superiority ( as to one inferior or less fortunate) : act patronizingly


(adverb) as, by, or through a substitute


(noun) the state of being lively in temper or conduct


(adj) being in doubt: unsettled in opinion;objectively doubtful, fraught with doubt or uncertainty; uncertain

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