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Chemical Reactions and Balancing Equations Test

Combination Reaction (composition/ synthesis)
Look For: One Product
Example of Combination Reaction
2 H2+O2 -------> 2 H20
Decompostion Reaction
Look for: One Reactant
Example of Decompostion Reaction
CaCO3 --------> CaO+CO2
Single Replacement (Displacement)
Look for: an element by itself on the left side that's taken the place of another in a compound on the right side
Example of Single Replacement
Zn+ CuSO4 -------> ZnSO4+Cu
Double Replacement
Look for: Ionic compounds that switch cations
Example of Double Replacement
3 AgNO3+Al I3 -------> 3AgI+Al(NO3)3
Combustion Reaction
Look for: CO2+H2O as the products
Incomplete Combustion
Left side of the equation
Right Side of the equation
NEVER Change Subscripts ONLY coefficiants
Law of Conservation of Mass
Number of Atoms on left=right
___ Rb+ __Cl2 -----> ____RbCl
2 Rb+ Cl2 -----> 2 RbCl
2 Rb+ Cl2 -----> 2 RbCl
__C2H3+___O2 -------> ___CO2+ ___H2O
2 C2H3+5 O2 ------->4 CO2+ 2 H2O