Chapter 9: Transport Layer


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When a client connects to an HTTP server by the use of a randomly generated source port number, what destination port number will the HTTP server use when building a response?
the original source port number that was randomly generated by the client
Network congestion has resulted in the source learning of the loss of TCP segments that were sent to the destination. What is one way that the TCP protocol addresses this?
The source decreases the amount of data that it transmits before it receives an acknowledgement from the destination.
Which number or set of numbers represents a socket?
Refer to the exhibit. What does the value of the window size specify?
the amount of data that can be sent before an acknowledgment is required
What is an advantage of UDP over TCP?
UDP communication requires less overhead.
Which entities are involved in a temporary communication that is established by the transport layer?
What type of applications are best suited for using UDP?
applications that are sensitive to delay
What is the purpose of using a source port number in a TCP communication?
to keep track of multiple conversations between devices
Which transport layer feature is used to guarantee session establishment?
TCP 3-way handshake
What happens if part of an FTP message is not delivered to the destination?
The part of the FTP message that was lost is re-sent.
Refer to the exhibit. What step in a TCP session does this capture represent?
session termination
What OSI layer is responsible for establishing a temporary communication session between two applications and ensuring that transmitted data can be reassembled in proper sequence?
What is the purpose of the TCP sliding window?
to request that a source decrease the rate at which it transmits data
Which action is performed by a client when establishing communication with a server via the use of UDP at the transport layer?
The client randomly selects a source port number.
Which two services or protocols use the preferred UDP protocol for fast transmission and low overhead? (Choose two)

Match the TCP flag to the correct step in the session establishment sequence. (Not all options are used.)
step 1 -> SYN

step 2 -> SYN + ACK

step 3 -> ACK
Which two applications use UDP as the transport layer protocol? (Choose two.)
DNS queries

Open the PT activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question.

What is the application layer service being requested from Server0 by PC0?
Which three fields are used in a UDP segment header? (Choose three.)
Source Port
A client application needs to terminate a TCP communication session with a server. Place the termination process steps in the order that they will occur. (Not all options are used.)
client sends FIN

server sends ACK

server sends FIN

client sends ACk
What are three responsibilities of the transport layer? (Choose three.)
identifying the applications and services on the client and server that should handle transmitted data