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  1. when they cross a valley
  2. contour lines
  3. normal fault, pulled apart do to tension; reverse fault, pushed together by compression; strike slip fault, occurs when opposing forces cause rock to break and move horizontally
  4. ore
  5. trace fossil
  1. a three types of faults and how they act
  2. b naturally preserved evidence of an animal's activities
  3. c they connect points of equal elevation
  4. d a mineral deposit large enough and pure enough to be mined for a profit
  5. e contour lines in a v-shaped

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  1. telling if an object/event is younger or older than other objects/events
  2. solid, geometric form
  3. rock layering
  4. shows surface features of the Earth
  5. how do you find a contour interval

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  1. lithospherepart of earth the tectonic plates move on


  2. benefits of solar cellsevery day they get more energy needed


  3. lithosphere, meosphere, asthenosphere3 parts to structure of earth from the outside-in


  4. fossil fuelsprocess used in nuclear power


  5. diamond and talcall continents put together