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  1. weathering
  2. circles and then a little line
  3. 20 feet would have contour lines every 20 feet
  4. petroleum
  5. metamorphic rock
  1. a how do you find a contour interval
  2. b most common nonrenewable energy source in USA
  3. c breakdown of rock
  4. d how do you draw a depression
  5. e foliated

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  1. a not always reliable property used to identify minerals
  2. surface that represents a missing part of the geologic column
  3. rock formed from high temp and pressure, not melted
  4. contour lines that are close together
  5. a mineral deposit large enough and pure enough to be mined for a profit

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  1. hydroelectric energywater power


  2. trace fossilnaturally preserved evidence of an animal's activities


  3. lithosphere, meosphere, asthenosphere5 parts to composition of earth from the outside-in


  4. stratificationrock layering


  5. 6.4 billion years oldwhat is earth's age?