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  1. benefits of solar cells
  2. biomass
  3. mold
  4. stratification
  5. lithosphere, meosphere, asthenosphere, outer core, inner core
  1. a every day they get more energy needed
  2. b 5 parts to composition of earth from the outside-in
  3. c organic matter that contains stored energy
  4. d cavity in ground/rock where a plant/animal was buried
  5. e rock layering

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  1. magma solidifying forms
  2. contour lines in a v-shaped
  3. solid, geometric form
  4. rock formed from high temp and pressure, not melted
  5. how do you find a contour interval

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  1. luster, streak, hardness and densityrock's texture is defined by the ? of the grains


  2. asthenospherepart of earth that is made of tectonic plates


  3. metamorphic rockfoliated


  4. trace fossilnaturally preserved evidence of an animal's activities


  5. light or gentle slopecontour lines that are close together