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  1. luster, streak, hardness and density
  2. when they cross a valley
  3. crystal
  4. mold
  5. relative dating
  1. a telling if an object/event is younger or older than other objects/events
  2. b contour lines in a v-shaped
  3. c solid, geometric form
  4. d cavity in ground/rock where a plant/animal was buried
  5. e properties we use to identify minerals

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  1. every day they get more energy needed
  2. 3 parts to structure of earth from the outside-in
  3. part of earth the tectonic plates move on
  4. 3 types of tectonic plate boundaries and their motions
  5. rock formed from high temp and pressure, not melted

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  1. sizes, shapes, and positionsminerals classified by chemical composition


  2. mineral streakthe color of a mineral in powdered form


  3. hydroelectric energya process in which rock and soil are stripped


  4. weatheringbreakdown of rock


  5. steep slopecontour lines that are close together