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  1. sizes, shapes, and positions
  2. hydroelectric energy
  3. 20 feet would have contour lines every 20 feet
  4. strip mining
  5. topographic map
  1. a a process in which rock and soil are stripped
  2. b water power
  3. c shows surface features of the Earth
  4. d rock's texture is defined by the ? of the grains
  5. e how do you find a contour interval

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  1. process used in nuclear power
  2. breakdown of rock
  3. nonrenewable energy resource that forms in the Earth's crust over millions of years from the buried remains of once-living organisms
  4. foliated
  5. the color of a mineral in powdered form

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  1. castcavity in ground/rock where a plant/animal was buried


  2. contour linesthey connect points of equal elevation


  3. 6.4 billion years oldwhat is earth's age?


  4. trees, air and waterrenewable resources


  5. metamorphicrock formed from high temp and pressure, not melted


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