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catechumen, chrism, healing

name the three types of oils.


what is the focus of the mass?

general intercessions

give the other name for "prayers of the faithful"


where was Paul/Saul from?


where was Paul/Saul converted?

nicene creed

what is the name of the profession of faith


What is the gathering of prayers from the people of the body of Christ?

deacon and priest

what are the two levels of ordination?

gospel of acclamation

This is when we sing praise to God before the gospel


When the presider explain what has just been read from the Bible, this is called the ______________

take bless break eat

give the formula of the eucharist

liturgy of the eucharist

When we share the passover meal together, we are experiencing _____________


which comes first: divorce or annulment

pray, give alms, fast

name the three things that we typically do to praise god during lent

full and active participation

what is the goal of the liturgy


smoke rising to god is what?


name the high priest of the sanhedrin during Jesus' time.


who were the religious rulers?

religious rulers

who were the sanhedrin

scholars and scribes

who were the pharisees?


who were the scholars and scribes?

high priests

who were the sadducees?


who were the high priests who made bargains with rome?


who were the people who lived in the desert and obsessed about cleanliness and purification?

desert, cleanliness

name the two important things about the essenes

food for the journey

what does the word viaticum mean?


what is the council of priests and bishops


"chastity, poverty, and obedience" are the vows of which type of priest?


"chastity and obedience" are the vows of which type of priest?


in the early church, who were baptized?

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