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trading stations with resident merchants established by the Portuguese and other Europeans.

Indies piece

a unit in the complex exchange system of the West African trade; based on the value of an adult male slave.

triangular trade

complex commercial pattern linking Africa, the Americas, and Europe; slaves from Africa went to the New World; American agricultural products went to Europe; European goods went to Africa.


title, created by Osei Tutu, of the civil and religious ruler of Asante.

Great Trek

movement inland during the 1830s of Dutch-ancestry settlers in South Africa seeking to escape their British colonial government.


ruler among the Nguni peoples of southeast Africa during the early 19th century; developed military tactics that created the Zulu state.

Middle Passage

slave voyage from Africa to the Americas; a deadly and traumatic experience.


African religious practices in the British American islands.

Surinam Maroons

descendants of 18th century runaway slaves who found permanent refuge in the rainforests of Surinam and French Guiana.

William Wilberforce

British reformer who led the abolitionist movement that ended the British slave trade in 1807.

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