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Indian troops, trained in European style, serving the French and British.


the British political establishment in India.


battle between the troops of the British East India Company and an Indian army under Siraj-ud-daula, ruler of Bengal; British victory gave them control of northeast India.


three districts that comprised the bulk of British ruled territories in India during the early 19th century; capitals at Calcutta, Madras, and Bombay.


name given to Britons who went to India to make fortunes through graft and exploitation; returned to Britain to live richly.

tropical dependencies

Western European possessions in Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific where small numbers of Europeans ruled large indigenous populations.

White Dominions

a type of settlement colony - as in North America and Australia - where European settlers made up the majority of the population.

settler colonies

colonies - as South Africa, New Zealand, Algeria, Kenya, and Hawaii - where minority European populations lived among majority indigenous peoples.white racial supremacy: belief in the inherent superiority of whites over the rest of humanity; peaked in the period before World War I.

Great Trek

migration into the South African interior of thousands of Afrikaners seeking to escape British control.

Great Mahele

Hawaiian edict issued in 1848 that imposed Western property concepts; that resulted in much Hawaiian land passed to Western commercial interests.

white racial supremacy

belief in the inherent superiority of whites over the rest of humanity; peaked in the period before World War I.

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