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  1. mounted rural workers in the Rio de la Plata region.
  2. belief in the United States that it was destined to rule from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
  3. a philosophy based on the ideas of Auguste Compte; stressed observation and scientific approaches to the problems of society.
  4. Latin American politicians who favored regional governments rather than centralized administrations; often supported by liberal politicians.

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  1. dependency theorythe belief that development and underdevelopment were not stages but were part of the same process; that development and growth of areas like western Europe were achieved at the expense of underdevelopment of dependent regions like Latin America.


  2. Monroe DoctrineUnited States declaration of 1823 that any attempt by a European country to colonize the Americas would be considered an unfriendly act.guano: bird droppings utilized as fertilizer; a major Peruvian export between 1850 and 1880.


  3. cientificosadvisors to Díaz's government who were influenced strongly by Positivist ideas.


  4. fazendasmounted rural workers in the Rio de la Plata region.