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Social Studies Chapter 15

Louisiana Purchase

France started to use New Orleans Port a lot more, which worried the US. Jefferson offered to buy it, Napolean no longer needed Louisiana because of the war with Britain. We bought it for 15 million.


Southern Americans were mad because their slaves ran away to Florida and Seminole Indians were raiding their farms. Jackson went to stop it, but didn't have authority to invade. Monroe told Spain to govern properly or leave. They left, we got Florida, but payed 5 million for settlers claims and said we wouldn't take Texas.


Texas was a very good cotton state(need slaves to grow cotton). Some Americans started a colony there under conditions. Mexico got mad because they weren't citizens, Americans were mad because they couldn't have slaves. The Texans declared independence, then 10 years later we annexed it in.


4 nations wanted Oregon. Russia and Spain dropped out. Britain and America were left, divided it in 1/2. Many people moved there because it's cheap and they heard it was good.

Mexican Cession

Both the US and Mexico had different ideas about what the border was. Mexico thought US soldiers were in their territory and shot, then the US declared war. Treaty of Hidalgo; we got 1/2 of Mexico for 15 million and promised to protect Mexican citizens.

Gadsden Purchase

Small land, flat and good for railroad. We purchased it for 10 million.

Manifest Destiny

The belief that America should (and is destined to) stretch from ocean to ocean.


Something that is given up.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Ended the war with Mexico. Mexico ceded 1/2 of it's land, we payed 15 million and promised to protect Mexican citizens.

Battle of the Alamo

The US didn't fight, texans did. It was fought for Texas' independence.


The art of conducting negotiations with other countries. People who engage in diplomacy are called diplomats.

Diplomacy Countries

Louisiana, Oregon, Florida, Gadsden

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