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The Skull and Sutures: Selected Markings of Cranial Bones (Temporal Bone)

external auditory meatus
tublike openings for the ear canal
mastoid process
rounded projection posterior to external auditory meatus; attachment for muscles
styloid process
long, thin projection on inferior skull surface; attachment for muscles and ligaments of tongue and neck
zygomatic process
projection that articulates with the zygomatic bone
mandibular fossa
depression for articulation with condylar process (mandibular condyle)
foramen lacerum
jagged opening filled with cartilage in a living person
carotid foramen
foramen for internal carotid artery
jugular foramen
foramen for jugular vein and cranial nerves IX, X, XI
stylomastoid foramen
opening for an artery and cranial nerve VII
internal auditory meatus
opening for cranial nerve VIII