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repetition of accented consonant sounds at the beginning of words EX big, bad, barking dog


reference in literature to a previous literature EX the Bible


clarifies or explains an unfamiliar concept EX as black as the night


outcome or clarification at the end of a story EX when finny dies


process of examining the components of a literary work


repeated use of vowel sound EX how now brown cow


same consonant sounds being used with different vowel sounds EX work, stack, ark


repetition of accented vowel sounds and all succeeding sounds in words that appear close to each other

end rhyme

rhyming words that appear at the end of a poetic line

exact rhyme

words that exactly repeat a sound

internal rhyme

rhyme occuring within a line

approximate rhyme

rhyme in which the final sounds of words are similar but not identical


musical device often used by poets, imitates or suggests a meaning EX moans of doves, murmuring of bees


a character whose contrasting characteristics draw attention to that of the main character EX tybalt is romeo's foil


hints at what is to come EX edward's cold skin foreshadows him being a vampire

free verse

poetry without regular rhyme or rhythm


category a work fits into


tragic flaw that leads to downfall EX arrogance, pride


extreme exaggeration for literary effect


substitution of a word that would have been harsh or embarassing


comparison using like, as or so


statement that seems impossible at first but later reveals meaning and shows itself


deliberate choice of words or style of language for desired effect or tone


figure of speech that replaces the name of something with a word or phrase closely associated with it


running over of a sentence from one verse or stanze without stopping at the end of the first


folk song or poem that tells a story

blank verse

unrhymed poetry of iambic pentameter

figurative language

uses figures of speech such as a metaphor or similie to appeal to one's senses


repetition of a line, stanze, or phrase

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