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The mental, emotional and spiritual being can be seen in the what?


Healthy complexion, firm muscles, clear color of face, lively eyes, clear mind, and even breathing are all signs of what?

Good Shen

What are the 2 types of herbs that calm the Shen?

Those that nourish the Heart and calm the Shen.
Those that sedate the Heart and subdue Yang.

Anxiety, fear, irritability, insomnia, hysteria, mania are all symptoms of what?

Shen disturbance

What is the nature and channel of herbs that noruish the heart and calm the shen?

Nature: sweet
Channel: heart

What is the nature and the function of Suan Zao Ren (Sm. Zizyphi Spinosae)?

Nature: sweet, sour, and neutral
Function: nourish heart & calm shen; astringe to stop sweating

How is Suan Zao Ren prepared?

Crush and boil for 30 min
(most popular for tx of insomnia)

Herbs that sedate the heart and subdue the yang are mostly what?

minerals and shells

What is the contraindication for herbs that sedate the heart and subdue the yang?

can injure stomach qi. use cautiously with deficiency of middle jiao. best to combine with digestive herbs.

What is the nature and the function of Long Gu (Os Draconis)?

Nature: sweet, astringint, and neutral
Function: subdues heart and calms shen; astringes to stop sweating

How is Long gu prepared?

boil for 30-60 min then add other herbs
(tx for anxiety, agitation, & insomnia)

Herbs used to treat interior wind most often caused by extreme heat, deficiency in blood/liver/kidney, and excess liver yang are called?

Herbs that Calm Liver Wind
(happens in elderly often)

When wind travels thru the channels and collaterals it causes what symptoms?

headache, dizziness, tinnitus, tremors, spasms, convulsions, coma

Herbs that treat interior wind are often insects and worms. Examples?

earthworm, centipede, scorpion, silk worm

What is the nature, channel and prep for herbs that calm liver wind?

Nature: cold
Channel: liver
Prep: boil for 30 min

What is the nature and function of Di Long (Lumbricus) (earthworm)?

Nature: salty and cold
Function: subdues wind and stops spasms and convulsiions; tx for schizophrenia; calms wheezing.

What herbs promote urination and remove dampness?

Diuretic Herbs

What is the nature and channel of Diuretic herbs?

Nature: bland
Channel: urinary bladder

Diarrhea, edema, arthritis, jaundice and skin problems are all symptoms of what?

fluid accumulation/dampness

What is the contraindication for diuretic herbs?

use cautiously with yin and fluid deficiency

What is the nature, function and prep of Fu Ling (Poria Cocos)?

Nature: sweet, bland, and neutral
Function: promotes diuresis and leeches out dampness; strengthens the spleen; and calms shen.
Prep: boil 30 min

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