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  1. Civil War financed by
  2. Yellow Journalism
  3. Safety Valve
  4. Annexation of Hawaii
  5. Collective Security
  1. a a system in which a group of nations acts as one to preserve the peace of all. (United Nations)
  2. b U.S. wanted Hawaii for business and so Hawaiian sugar could be sold in the U.S. duty free, Queen Liliuokalani opposed so Sanford B. Dole overthrew her in 1893, William McKinley convinced Congress to annex Hawaii in 1898.
  3. c One of the causes of the Spanish-American War (1898) - this was when newspaper publishers like Hearst and Pulitzer sensationalized news events (like the sinking of the Maine) to anger American public towards Spain.
  4. d mineral wealth.
  5. e Theory that when hard times came, the unemployed could migrate west and be prosperous farmers.
    Induced urban employers to maintain high wage rates. (Denver, Chicago, St.Louis)

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  1. Law passed in 1862 that gave 160 acres of western land to those willing to settle in the west - along with the building of the transcontinental railroad a key factor in developing the frontier. One problem with the Homestead Act was that it was inadequate for farming in the rain-scarce Great Plains.
  2. Superintendent announced that the frontier of the U.S was no longer discernable in 1840- all unsettled grants were now broken into by settlement
  3. The Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and other groups relied on buffalo or food, shelter, clothing, tools, and countless other necessities of everyday life. Were put at risk when White Settlers killed them off for railroads, leather, etc.
  4. A policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries poitically, socially, and economically.
  5. the leader of the Nez Perce tribe that killed white settlers on the way to reservations because they were mad that the government was taking their land, "I will fight no more forever".

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  1. Isolationismabstention from alliances and other international political and economic relations.


  2. McKinley's AssassinationMcKinley was attacked by Hearst's paper and when he was inaugurated the paper tore him apart saying that he might as well be dead. He was actually shot to death and Hearst's paper was blamed for the conspiracy. His paper was banned and all others who talked badly about Mckinley. His assassination was the decline of yellow journalism.


  3. Teller AmendmentApril 1896 - U.S. declared Cuba free from Spain, but the Teller Amendment disclaimed any American intention to annex Cuba.


  4. Dawes Severalty Act1887, dismantled American Indian tribes, set up individuals as family heads with 160 acres, tried to make rugged individualists out of the Indians, attempt to assimilate the Indian population into that of the American.


  5. Election of 1896Republicans renominated President McKinley with Theodore Roosevelt as vice president. Democrats nominated William Jennings Bryan, who argued for free silver (1896). Americans accepted the recently enacted gold standard, while Bryan attacked the growth of American imperialism. Philippines was an accomplished fact. The growing national economic prosperity gave McKinley a victory.


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