Julius Caesar Act III


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What is the date that Act III takes place on?
March 15 or the Ides of March
Why is the Ides of March significant?
The soothsayer told Caesar to beware the Ides of March
How does Caesar react when the soothsyer tells him to read his petition first?
He reads it last because its personal and not for the good of Rome
When speaking to Casca, what doea Cassius threaten to do?
If they don't kill Caesar he will kill himself
What is the consirator's stragety for separating Caesar from his friends?
Tribonious is going to pull Mark Antony aside to talk to him
Who presents his petition first?
Metellus CImber
What does Metellus want?
For Caesar to let Metellus Cimber's brother to return to Rome
How does Caesar react to this?
Tell them he is not going to change his mind
What simile does Caesar use to compare himself to something?
He compares himself to the North Star. Constant
Who is the first conspirator to stab Caesar?
Who is the last conspirator to stab Caesar?
Why is Brutus stabbing Caesar ironic?
Brutus is suppose to be Caesar's friend and he does that for the good of Rome which isn't for the good of Rome
What are Caesar's last words?
Et tū Brute? The fall Caesar!
What does Antony do?
Runs home
What important act do the conspirators commit that makes them as the ones who killed Caesar?
Cover themself with Caesars' blood
What do the conspirators promise Antony that gets him to return to the Senate?
1) Tell him he is safe
2) Give Explanation on why they killed Caesar
When Antony returns what does he do so that he will remember each conspirator?
SHakes their hand and say their names to show he is part of the alliance
What does Mark Antony ask of the conpirators?
1) Have Caesar's body for a public funeral
2) Give a speech at the funeral
When Brutus speaks in the pulpit, what word does he use to describe Caesar?
To ambitious
"There is tears for his love; joy for his fortune; honor for his valor; and death for his ambition," is an example of
How does the crowd react to this speech that shows that they are fickle?
They are cheering Brutus saying he should be the next king then later they want to kill Brutus
WHat word does Mark Antonyt use to describe Brutus and the conspirators?
Honorabl Men
What does Mark Antony mean by Honorable Men?
As an insult than a complment
What document does Mark Antony refer to that incites the crows against the conspirators?
Caesars' will
What was the "unkindest cut of all?"
The stab of Brutus
How does the crown react to Mark Antony's speech?
They want to kill Brutus and the conspirators
What happens to Cinna the poet?
He gets killed
Why does Cinna the peot get killed?
They crowd don't care. The want revenge
What does the crowd plan to do?
Kill the conspirators and burn down their houses