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a condition of a vertebra that has lost its proper juxtaposition with the one above or the one below, or both


Loss of proper vertebral joint function that may affect proper nerve function and good health


Deals with Nerves (VSC)


Deals with Motion (VSC)


Deals with Muscle (VSC)


Deals with Cellular changes (VSC)


Deals with Chemical changes (VSC)

Distal 1/3 of the Fallopian Tubes

Fertilization takes place here

Enters the Uterus

After 7 or 8 days the embryo does this

Proteolytic Enzyme

The egg releases this to allow it to digest the endometrial lining of the uterus and sink below the surface closer to the rich vascular supply


Pregnancy that occurs outside the Uterus

Spine and Heart

First two structures to start developing

Germ Disc

Flattened out round egg


Surrounds the amniotic cavity and comes together under or anterior to the neuroectoderm tissue


From Hensen's node, cells migrate or elongate to the caudad (inferior) and form a structure

Chorada Dorsalis

Another name for the notochord

2nd Embryonic Week

When does the Spine begin to form


A group of mesodermal cells that begin to line up on either side of the notochord

42 to 44 pair

Number of somites

Vertebral Bodies

Somites become


1st 4 pair of Somites become

Cervical Vertebrae

7 pair of Somites become

Thoracic Vertebrae

12 pair of Somites become

Lumbar Vertebrae

5 pair of Somites become

Sacral Segments

2nd pair of 5 Somites become

Coccygeal segments

8 or 9 pair of Somites become

Dissapear or Absorbed

Happens to the left over Somites

Neural Crest Cells

Develops into the posterior (dorsal) root ganglion and spinal nerves

3rd Embryonic Week

The somites will split in their center

Fissure of Von Ebner

The area where the Somites split


Formed by the union of 2 different somites

4th Embryonic Week

The sclerotomes begin to change into cartilage.

Nucleus Pulposis

The squeezed notochord will bunch up between the cartilage and will become part this part of the Intervertebral disc

Stages of Vertebral Development

Mesenchymal Stage, Chondrificational (Cartilage forming) Stage, Ossification Stage

Mesenchymal Stage

Primordial Stage, Primordium are nicknames for this stage

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