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  1. Coherent
  2. (Teneo Tenere, Tenui, Tentum)
  3. strait
  4. juncture
  5. Pertinacious
  1. a A narrow passage of water connecting two large bodies of water
    A difficulty or bad position
  2. b "to hold","to keep"
  3. c showing an orderly relationship of parts.
  4. d a serious state of affairs
  5. e Holding firmly, even stubbornly, to a belief

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  1. "to draw together tightly","to tie"
  2. An added part not essential to the whole
  3. to refrain from something by ones choice
  4. Characteristic of ordinary conversation rather than formal speech or writing.
  5. spacious, roomy, as in a house.

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  1. (Apo, Apere, Epi, Aptum)"to fasten","to attach"


  2. aptitudeA natural talent or ability; quickness in learning.


  3. ContriteThoroughly remorseful of one's sins.


  4. (Jungo, Jungere, Junxi, Junctum)"to hold","to keep"


  5. subjugateto give forms of verbs in a fixed order