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place where two bones meet. bone to bone. articular
synovial or diarthrosis joints
move freely- allow us to move. knee, shoulder, ankle- 6 sub classes
fibrous or synarthrosis joints
immoveable- fiberous- teeth and skull
cartilaginous or amphiarthrosis joints
sligtly movable- disk in cartilage
pivot a ring
movement rotation - uni axial or 1 degree of freedom- the neck
ball and socket enarthrodial spheroidal
movement in 3 cardinal plans - shoulder joint
allows the joint to bend and straighten but not rotate -elbow joint
a less flexible version fo the ball and socket joint movement allows flexion and extension abduction adduction and circmduction- wrist joint
fit together to allow all movements except rotation the thumb joint
two generaly flat surfaces fliding over each other- the joints between the tarsals of the foot.
the 6 types of synovial joints
pivot a ring, ball and socket, hinge, ellipsoid, saddle, gliding
3 types of cartilage
hyaline cartilage, articular cartilage, white fibrocartilage
hyaline cartilage
wmooth with shiny physical properities of glye like substance
articular cartilage
lines the articular smooth surfaces of the bones allowing for efficient smooth movement
white fibrocartilage
strong fibros tissue saturated with the flue like cartilage that gives it a veru strong tendon like property
bone to bone
bone to muscle