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  1. wave period
  2. Continental slope
  3. Gulf Stream
  4. storm surge
  5. undertow
  1. a a local rise in sea level near the shore that is caused by strong winds from a storm, such as those from a hurricane
  2. b the time between the passage of two wave crests or troughs at a fixed point
  3. c a surface current that carries warm water fromt he tropics to the North Atlantic
  4. d Steeply inclined region of the continental margin
  5. e a subsurface current that is near shore and that pulls objects out to sea

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  1. one of a group of long ocean waves that have steadily traveled a great distance from their point of generation
  2. the zone of rapid temperature change in the ocean
  3. a streamlike movement of ocean water far below the surface
  4. a large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphere
  5. the highest point of the wave

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  1. troughSound navigating and ranging


  2. mid-ocean ridgedeep, steep depression on the ocean floor where tectonic plates converge


  3. SONARSound navigating and ranging


  4. tsunamiSound navigating and ranging


  5. ocean currenta streamlike movement of ocean water far below the surface