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  1. Continental slope
  2. wavelength
  3. ocean
  4. wave period
  5. desalination
  1. a the process of removing salt from ocean water
  2. b a large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphere
  3. c the time between the passage of two wave crests or troughs at a fixed point
  4. d The distance from any point on a wave to an identical point on the next wave
  5. e Steeply inclined region of the continental margin

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  1. a horizontal movement of ocean water that is caused by wind and that occurs at or near the ocean's surface
  2. large, flat level area of deep ocean basin
  3. Gently sloping, almost flat region of the ocean floor closet to land
  4. the continuous process by which water moves from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back
  5. the curving of the path of a moving object from an otherwise straight path due to Earth's rotation

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  1. storm surgethe lowest point of the wave


  2. crestthe highest point of the wave


  3. deep currenta streamlike movement of ocean water far below the surface


  4. seamountthe lowest point of the wave


  5. Gulf Streama surface current that carries warm water fromt he tropics to the North Atlantic


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